Diablo III Confirmed For Consoles

It has been confirmed that Diablo III will be coming to consoles, though to which consoles is unknown.

Micah Whiple, Blizzard’s Community Manager, confirmed the news over Twitter after being asked if Diablo III would make the console jump.


“Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.”

A solid release date is yet to be announced for Diablo III, with Spring 2012 being the only date mentioned. Yesterday Blizzard denied that Diablo III was going to release early February.

Source: Twitter




  1. Please PS3. Please PS3. Please PS3. Please PS3. PLEASE!!!!

    • Agreed. If so, day one purchase for sure. Add some great co-op and is there a better way to play Diablo III? I think not.

  2. Please PS3, Please PS3, Please PS3, Please PS3, PLEASE!!!!

  3. Please PS3, Please PS3, Please PS3, Please PS3, PLEASE!!!!

  4. Please PS3, Please PS3, Please PS3, Please PS3, PLEASE!!!! (Er, it’s good, right?)

  5. Both PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 seem certain, unless Blizzard are looking to integrate a number of features requiring open online access.

    Though purists will object, I would be keen to see PlayStation Move added to the experience. Gameloft were able to work wonders with it in their own Diablo clone, Dungeon Hunter, so I would expect Blizzard to make a similar design choice.

    What I am most hoping for is cross-platform play or maybe even a cross-platform auction house.

    • A cross platform auction house? Genius! Be interesting to see how they adopt the online features on each console. Cross platform play would be immense.

      • I don’t think cross platform between XBOX Live and PSN is possible….

    • I’d buy it for PS3 if it has Move support. And cross-platform for the 360 is like, totally mega unlikely; Due to the 360 having a closed network. Remember how Valve couldn’t do cross platform with PCs for Portal 2? It’s slightly weird really, as the 360 is by MS.

  6. I would be money that this is coming to PS3. They mention “consoles” i.e. and unless this is only coming to Wii U and Xbox 360 I can’t see how they could mean anything other than PS3 & Xbox 360.

    • Wii U seems possible. The new controller would be awesome for inventory management.

      That said the Wii U may arrive a little too late. Besides, if I could choose between the PC, 360, PS3 and Wii U version, it would always be the last one I’d go for.

      • “That said the Wii U may arrive a little too late”
        Given how bloody long that game has taken to come out there is a lot of irony in that statement ;D

  7. I’m just going to go with PS3 Please.

  8. Yay!

  9. Of course they wouldn’t pass the “chi-ching” consoles. Who would’ve thought otherwise?

  10. Anything is possible, but my 2 cents…

    it would come to PS3 and not X360. Unless Microsoft has changed its stance and policy on updates (and connectivity?). These were the same reasons Valve moved to PS3 instead of X360 and you can bet your grandma that Blizzard wants to be able to push updates how often they want and exactly when they want.
    Also, it would allow PC and PS3 players to play together.
    Heck whole Battle.Net could be brought to PS3 if they so desired.

    In the end though, this is a decision about money, so with that reasoning it will be released on every platform and Blizzard will just make sure it “works everywhere”.

    • Agreed Selachii. You beat me to making this point by a whole 3 minutes! :P

    • Your point about Valve doesn’t support your argument that it would come to PS3 and not the 360, as Valve have never released a PS3 exclusive to my knowledge, and even Portal 2 (which did have more features on PS3, admittedly) also came out on 360.

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