Bloomberg: iPad 3 Launches In March

Bloomberg seem to be confident that the iPad 3 will go on sale in March this year and will boast a ‘Retina’ display alongside a quad core processor.

Bloomberg’s insider said ‘the pixels are small enough to make the images look like printed material’ and ‘videos begin playing almost instantly because of the additional graphics processing.’


The iPad is also said to be able to connect to ‘LTE’ networks, a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals – also known as 4G.

Bloomberg’s source says the Chinese production line for iPad 3 is running twenty four hours a day but will halt for the Chinese New Year next week.

Source: Bloomberg



  1. But will it run Angry Birds?

    • Will it run Crysis?

      • Will it blend?

      • Will it read?

      • Will it run Safari? …. (and not crash back to home screen every 5 mins)_

      • Will it make me a sandwich?

      • Will it enable me to take over the world?

      • Loving the South Park reference Noc. Brilliant!

      • Guys, it only does everything… Or am I thinking of something else?

    • Will it have dual sticks?

  2. I wonder how much this one will rinse its battery with additional internal kit? I’m still happy with my 64Gb 2, from June last year.

  3. I’ll stick with my Asus Transformer, thanks.

    • I keep looking at the Transformer Prime… But then it’s replacement has been announced at CES!

      • Transformer’s are really good. I haven’t used the Prime, but my first-gen one is great. Better than an iPad (Flash FTW!).

      • I’d avoid the Prime and wait for the second gen. The Prime seems to have GPS reception issues. Because it’s a hardware problem, early adopters are stuck with it. If that is no issue for you then you could probably pick it up for a really good price when the next gen device comes out.

      • So if I don’t care about the GPS I could get one from this generation cheaper second hand? Plus GPS not listed on the spec on UK sites it seems. Asus accepting it is a hardware issue it seems.

      • You could shop around. It’s a known problem with the device and the reputation alone could lead to price drops. If you wait for the next gen the Prime will most likely recieve a price drop anyways.

    • Just me that misread the word “Asus”?

  4. Bloomberg’s Insider is hereby crowned king of statements that sound amazing, yet mean nothing, and could have been said about decade-old tech.

  5. Didn’t the Ipad 2 release last year? Slow down Apple. It’s not a generic game that you can release on a yearly basis. Surely, they can wait a few years before releasing the Ipad3.

    • Apple? Not release a new version of their product every year?


    • Yep, one a year is too much, same with the iphone.

    • People often make this argument against Apple and I just don’t get it. Apple probably are the company who wait the longest before a new version of a product. With companies like Samsung who have a large range of tech often release refreshes more often.

      Apple update their small product range annually and if you ask me, it can be too long sometimes. Technology moves quickly and if I had to wait a couple of years for the new iPad I’d go elsewhere, quite simply.

    • Mike is right, if you look at how often other companies release new products it’s often much more often than once annually and especially so in the mobile phones industry… in fact HTC released well over 20 phones in 2011 and Sony released just under 10…Apple released only 1.

      • but they were not the same phones they were different apple release ipad 123 iphone 12344s.

      • Take the Galaxy S for example. Originally released June 2010. The S II was released May 2011. I never seem to see people criticising other companies for their short product cycle but Apple do for some reason. With Apple only having a few main product lines, their annual product cycle is correct.

        I own Apple products but don’t get me wrong, Apple aren’t perfect – I just think Apple are criticised wrongly for their product cycle

      • They do it even with the same line of phones Skibadee. If I take my current phone as an example, the Xperia Arc, this was released in April 2011 and the Arc S released in September 2011.

      • Because of Apple’s slim portfolio, 1 a year is fine IMO

        Companies like HTC who release 20 phones a year? Majority of those are completely different devices, different markets & different demographic targeting, eg. music focused, camera focused, all-rounder etc

        Both business models work for their respective companies & their target demographic.

    • Yep. With the guys on this one. You’ve chosen the complete opposite to have a go at. Both iPhones and iPads are annual releases around the same month each and every year. It gives owners time to savour and enjoy their device and then upgrade in a year or two depending on money/contracts/etc.

      The iPad3 will hopefully be something splendid but then I hope that for all hardware.

      Saying that, a retina screen on the iPad will look effing incredible.

  6. If its a significant step up from the iPad 2 then I will consider getting one. I love my iPad 1 but the 2nd gen didn’t do enough to warrant an upgrade for me. Hopefully iPad 3 will be as the competition is stiff on the tablet front now.

  7. Want it sooner. Holding off on getting an iPad 2 for the 3’s announcement.

    • me too :), i use my horribly out of date Zenithink ZT-180 (google it, its terrible) as an e-reader and need a better device with great batter and Minecraft PE on it so the 2 fits the bill brilliantly, not interested in the 3 just for the quad core update, with android being as important as ios for app makers they arent going to release a major amount of apps that take advantage of it.

  8. I must be one of the very few who hasn’t owned anything Apple.
    There are alternatives just as good or better for a lot less £s.

    • +1
      I have to admit that I was a fan of the older gen iPod Nanos but since then there hasn’t been a single Apple product that I would consider buying.

    • I’m with you. In the past I didn’t buy because they didn’t really fit with what I wanted or were too expensive but now I just dislike the walled garden ethos their phone and tablet devices enforce.
      It would take some enormous technical leap forward that was years ahead of any rival before I’d be tempted to overcome my dislike of that.

    • Me too, never owned anything by apple never even an ipod, the reason been is because the prices of apple products are just scandalous.

  9. The iPad 3 will be called the Ipad-a-bad-a-baddum-boogie-woogie.

    You can quote me.

    • “The iPad 3 will be called the Ipad-a-bad-a-baddum-boogie-woogie.

      You can quote me.”

      Okay, I’ve quoted you.

  10. will give it a miss this year want the prime.

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