The Witcher 2 Gets Xbox 360 Release Date

CD Projekt has announced the worldwide release date for The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360. Mark April 17th in your diary. Coming on two disks, the game will feature a raft of additions:

  • New CGI intro sequence
  • 33 minutes of new cinematics
  • Four additional hours of gameplay
  • Two new adventures
  • New characters
  • New locations
  • Revamped intelligent camera system
  • New target locking system
  • Improved Character Panel
  • New panels navigation bar
  • More responsive control system
  • Quest handbook
  • Official soundtrack
  • World map

Furthermore a “Dark Edition” will be available, featuring a special edition box, art book, three stickers, a medallion and a ‘making of’ DVD for £59.99.


Fear not PC owners, as those who already own The Witcher 2 will receive an update adding all the extra content for free.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. What about ps3 version. i need now

    • good luck with that fanboy…lol

      • Why the need to say fanboy just because he want a ps3 version?

      • Wanting a PS3 version does not imply fanboyism. Using the term in such a way might, though.

      • For those of us who only have one console isn’t natural to want this out on it? Think before you post, bent-dick.

      • Was the insult really nesseccary? Insults aimed at members are never tolorated around here. Plus, it kinda breaks the unoffical number 1 rule. ;)

        @wonkey Willy, How is that being a fanboy? O-o, I want a PS3 version as well and i’m not a fanboy. =) Had he said, “*insert fanboy sentence here*” then i would have agree with you. But tis not so. So be respectfully or i’ll sic the GC regs on you.

      • You’re all so childish. A simple “That last part was unnecessary” would have sufficed. On one side we have a man who called another person a fanboy for no reason and on the other end, we have a person calling him a “bent-dick”
        Come on now, you’re no better than him if you’re going to combat him with another rediculous insult….

      • Amonster, you were right to call out one of them, but the rest of them, particularly steven, were right, to correct wonkey willy on his behaviour. Also, purely from a hypothetical point of view, someone could call you childish for stirring this issue up hours after everyone else. If you feel other members are acting childish, i’d heavily recommend you contact adam via email, i’m sure he’d be more them happy to hear your concerns.

      • Correction by insults isn’t going to accomplish anything. Also, does it really matter that I was late to this conversation? I only had good intentions, so calm down. There is nothing childish about trying to help everyone out. Also, comments on any website really doesn’t bother me. I have no intention of contacting staff for such a petty matter. What these guys say is not that big of a deal. I wouldn’t have even said anything had they not have been acting like the person they were telling off. Also, I never said anything about stevens comment. In fact I agree with it 100%. Read carefully please. I’m not here to start wars.

  2. Is a knowledge of the first required or beneficial for this game?

    • Yes and No. From a storyline point of view it certainly helps but the gameplay changed quite a bit between versions. I certainly would advise getting the Enhanced edition of The Witcher though, if you haven’t already played it. It’s rather stonking.

  3. Ahh, two disks. It’s like stepping into the past.

    • “good luck with that fanboy…lol”
      – nah, I’m just kidding :-P

  4. If no ps3 version then may have to dust of my 360 and get it for that then.

    I stopped upgrading my pc ages ago and wouldn’t be able to cope with Witcher 2.

  5. I love CD Project. Way to one up an already great game.

  6. I hope they’ll also make a PS3 version, now that the XBox version is finished.

  7. I hope they will do a PS3 version as it is something, i could really like. I wonder if TSA will review it?
    Does this make me a fanboy for wanting a PS3 version? ;)

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