PSN Maintenance This Thursday

It has been announced over on the PlayStation forums that PSN Maintenance has been scheduled to take place this Thursday 2nd of February from 14.00PM until 08.00AM on Friday 3rd of February.

During the maintenance period, the following services will be affected:

  • PS Store (PC and Console)
  • Customer Account Management
  • Registration

HOME will be unavailable for the duration of the maintenance.

Users who attempt to sign in after maintenance begins may receive the site notification page. If you are signed in before maintenance begins you should remain signed into your online session (although the above services will still be unavailable).

Source: OPC



  1. Is it too much to hope that the old system of transferring PSP games and PS1 Classics saved on PS3 to my PSP is to be restored?

    But yeah, it’s probably for the Vita store. Hopefully populated with games, and viewable from PS3.
    In other words, I want to see everything I’m going to buy. :)

    • “Is it too much to hope that the old system of transferring PSP games and PS1 Classics saved on PS3 to my PSP is to be restored?”

      Yes, yes it is – That would mean that you were effectively being given something useful wouldn’t it? :P

  2. wonder what new terms they are sneaking in this time

  3. As long as I can sign in, I’m generally not too bothered, but the frequency of maintenance sessions is still a pain.

  4. What is the PSN without the almost weekly downtime? =P

  5. did anybody else have problems accessing the store at the weekend?
    i kept getting a maintenance message.

  6. Speaking as a techie, I can only say WTF? I can’t think of any other situation where this kind of repeated downtime would be tolerated. Anywhere else, the network team would be laughed out of the building while being handed their P45s.. There must be something fundamentally broken with PSN for this kind of repeated outage to be required.

  7. For a totally free service I’m more than happy with the PSN and can quite easily tolerate the downtimes required to update and maintain the service. Most of the time I can still sign in and play games online when maintenance is taking place, so I’ve really got nothing to complain about.

  8. And i bet they will only add naff all. It only does long maintances at the most inconvient times.

    So much for wanting to relax after a hard day of work by playing online with a few mates on thursday then. I’m glad that PS3 games don’t use the cruddy must be online and signed in DRM otherwise, we would be luckly to play it every thursday. ;)

  9. Dont give a rats ass! Hopefully my Final Fantasy will turn up then and i can marvel in its beauty, hole myself up in the bedroom and not surface until my eyes bleed from the strain.

    Happy days!

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