New Ghost Recon Future Soldier Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer for Ubisoft’s futuristic military shooter. It shows some gruesome close quarters kills, nice use of the stealthy cammo and plenty of good old fashioned explosions. As you can see, it’s shaping up to be quite a thrilling ride.


You can read our hands on preview with Ghost Recon Future Soldier here.



  1. I want this a stupid amount.

  2. That looked an awful lot better than I expected. It had dropped off my radar but I’m definately more interested now. When’s the release?

    • 25th of May. There should be a beta this month I believe.

    • Thats kinda funny, the release is at the end of the video ;)

  3. looks good

  4. Looks awesome, I’m hoping for more Rainbow Six-style set pieces!

  5. looks epic not a fan of the last one thought it was too inconsistant looked brilliant played okay but the story was a let down,byt definatly going to pick this up only problem is it clashes with Dirt showdown

  6. the moist patch is back in my slacks
    this looks better every time i see it.

  7. Holy crap! That was savage looking! Could this beat COD and Battlefield? I think it might have a chance.

    • It really does look awesome, but despite that I don’t think it’ll get anywhere near COD in terms of sales. It’s not quality that fuels that train.

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