BioWare Suggests Keeping Your Mass Effect 3 Saves, Hints At A Fourth Game

Speaking to Gamerzines, Associate Producer on Mass Effect 3 Mike Gamble has hinted at another Mass Effect game after the upcoming ‘3’.  “It wouldn’t be a bad idea (to keep your ME3 saves),” he said.  “Obviously I can’t say anything, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea…”

This wouldn’t be the first time, of course, Mass Effect 2 (and 3) both look at your prior saves when starting a game, so there’s nothing particularly shocking about this.


Apart from, of course, the hints that Mass Effect 3 won’t be the last game in the series, even though it’s said to be the last for Shepherd.  Whether or not this translates to Mass Effect 4 or some kind of spin-off will, no doubt, be leaked in good time.

Sorry, that one was too easy.



  1. So that’s what he meant by saying the fans will hate the ending?

    • If you mess up that is. One possible ending is for shepard to lose to the reapers.

  2. Or maybe it’s just DLC?

    • I’d say that’s more likely, then again Mass Effect is a money maker so I can’t see them abandoning the series after 3.
      I think it’ll be a spin off with a different character or something, and it just uses the save to create the universe around you in relation to how you’ve affected it (for example you spared or didn’t spare the Rachni queen and the Rachni reappear, etc).

  3. Or your stats will carry over just like ME1 to ME2 on Xbox 360
    Also the choice of the ending in ME1 affects ME2 if I remember correctly.
    I always keep my saves as sometimes a few games will have a ‘bonus’ costume or weapons if you had an old save previous game (Lost Planet 2 did that for a name tag if you had Lost Planet saved game)

  4. I don’t really get why people would delete save data anyway, its so tiny. I delete game data I’ll no longer be using but not save data.

    Anyway, hardly surprising there’s to be another mass effect is it? If its still selling why would they stop?

    • I make up back-ups and I do delete my save to get more space. My God of War III games saves was over 30 in case I missed a collection or anything and then delete all 29 and keep on for coompleting on Titan. So it does make a difference to me. I cannot remember how many saves I have on ME2 lol.

    • check out the save file size for “From Dust”, it’s like 4000kb :S still pretty insignificant but it takes up a lot on the cloud

    • I tend to delete my saves if i’ve not played the game for a certain amount of time as i can’t remeber what i did in that game and thus generally want to start a new game. :)

  5. so long as they don’t split the finale of this storyline into two parts, that seems to be the in thing in movies.

  6. You’ve got to keep the saves, otherwise how else are to know that Garrus and Legion are both still alive and then decide to hang out on the Citadel together, drops some beers with Mordin and Samara & then go spoiling for a fight with Conrad Verner, end up having to get patched up at the Clinic; Mass Effect 4: The Morning After the Night Before…. it’s written in the stars I tell ye.

  7. I hope there won’t be a ME4 for while as i would hate to see Bioware do a yearly RPG. :S I think a ME game set during the first contact wars could be interesting. :) Although, Bioware doesn’t do prequels to their IPs do they?

  8. Maybe some sort of cross-over with other Bioware IP? Didn’t they do that on PS2 with some games, maybe Konami being one?

  9. Heavy On The Magick on Speccy 48k. Great in it’s time and a precursor (of sorts) to Dungeon Master on the Amiga/Atari ST.

  10. Hey, I wonder if Bioware could do something about my Shenmue 2 DC save…

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