What We Played #38

Another week passes and Alex’s firm grip on his PS Vita is yet to lessen. Headlining the bill has been Uncharted: Golden Abyss which he’s been working through “in the tiny chunks I have in-between dying of flu and working”. Those interruptions haven’t diminished his enjoyment of the game which he says is “lovely, very much like the first Uncharted game with lots of shooting and climbing and not so much wanton, wholesale destruction”.

While it features fewer set-pieces than the more recent games Alex says that the game has much more personality. “Very nice”, he concludes. WipEout 2048 has seen less screen time this month and instead some demos have been tried meeting with little approval.


Top Darts is too dartsy”, he proffers obtusely “and Hustle Kings only has that [censored] ‘pool’ that Americans like with the daft rules, at least until you buy the full thing”. The scathing comments don’t end there though, “the framerate’s [censored] too, even if it is nice and crisp”. Having played many of the PS Vita’s titles he offers that “it seems only Virtua Tennis 4 has managed 60fps and a decent resolution so far”.

Quarrel has formed the basis of Peter’s gaming this week. He describes it as “a kind of board domination game where you attack with Boggle”. If like me that leaves you little the wiser then head on over to his review armed with the knowledge that the game is compelling enough to have kept him playing after having finished the review.

Aside from that he’s spent some time on FIFA 12 on his iPad and found it to be “surprisingly good”. “I can even live with the on-screen controls”, he says, “but I’m going to get the gamepad app for my iPhone and play it that way, using my phone as the controller”. “It’s all a bit futuristic”, he continues. Does that make the iPhone the most expensive wireless gamepad yet?

[drop2]Last on his list is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Having taken a break from playing since his review and wisely allowing the game to be patched a few times he’s back to start afresh with a new character. Initially aiming to go for a character armed solely with magic he’s drifted back into the comfort zone of the pairing of a one-handed sword and a fire-based spell that he used when playing through for the review. Concluding, “I might need to start again”. And Skyrim claims another victim.

Kris’ gaming has been fairly minimal this week with only SoulCalibur V getting any screen time while he was reviewing it. His nugget review: “It’s pretty good and looks lovely”. Besides that he’s been entertaining himself by trying to work out how he can get up to Liverpool to watch some seagulls. Never knew he was into ornithology.

Killzone 3 remains a semi-permanent fixture on Tuffcub’s list and is this week accompanied by the “absolutely brilliant” Saints Row: The Third which he has just completed. In his somewhat less brilliant pile we find the “dull” Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge which he says “couldn’t be more generic if it tried”. Finally he’s also been playing Spec Ops: The Line but you can’t read about that until Monday.

Dan is also sharing an office with Secret Squirrel again and this time he’s not even permitted to tell us what he’s been playing. Of course it may be that he just hasn’t been able to put his new PS Vita down and doesn’t want to admit it. Toby has no games to share with us either but that’s due to his discovery of that marvellous ninth century technology, the printed book.

Finally we come to Aran who has also not been playing any games. Instead his PS3 has been playing host to Netflix and the many celluloid gems within its vaulted halls. He’s watched The Princess Bride for the first time and is now working his way through three seasons of Arrested Development.



  1. Been playing FIFA 12 on my Xperia Play which is happily stopping me buying a Vita. And also close to the end of the story in Driver: SF which is quite simply brilliant.

  2. Nowt! Just silly iphone stuff.

  3. Gatling Gears, got the final Boss “The Butler” defeated on Veteran (hard) difficulty, one level left for veteran completion :) GT5, completed the new B-Spec seasonals last night, and am still searching in vain for that final car in the Used dealership…the elusive 2J Chapparal race car. F1 2011 meet midweek…randoms allowed :P Driver San Francisco, reached level 38 XP, and I now want to get to level 40 XP for the final online car unlock….a way to go for that though! And finally, booted up Dirt 2 last night for a boost….the game feels great and if I’m honest better that Dirt 3!!

    • Well done on Gatling Gears…will you still do “The Butler” with me?
      And can you trade the Chapparal if someone else finds it, otherwise it could take a while?

      • Cheers mate, yeah I can do the Butler on co-op no worries but to be honest it might be easier solo as I did, I found avoiding the laser beams on stage 3 of the boss very tricky, and with 2 of us trying to avoid them it could prove difficult…then again with 2 lots of missiles and ammo to throw at the Butler, that might swing it ;)
        The Chapparal 2J cannot be traded in GT5…the limit is a million credits value for car trading and the 2J costs several million ;)

      • Ok, guess we’ll see how I fare! :)
        For a used car!! Oh dear, so I guess you have to keep racing and hoping it will appear. I hope it does for you!

    • I enjoyed Dirt2 a lot more than 3, there is far to much gymkhana stuff in 3 for my liking.
      Got WRC2 for under a fiver and although the graphics aren’t the best the car handling and stages are good. It reminds me of the first Colin McRae games, which were better than the latest Dirt one.

  4. Uncharted 3 and the Tomb Raider collection this week. Feeling all treasure huntery.

    • Awesome trilogy, and great value these days! Lara FTW

      • +1. Anniversary in particular is excellent

      • Agreed. Its a great collection. Well worth the £9 I paid for it. £3 per game is excellent value for money.

  5. Back to Rapture this week for me, hoping to finally complete Bioshock 2 from a year-old Save.

    • I should be on BS2 Multiplayer Sunday and Monday night – send me a PSN invite if you fancy joining in?! :)

  6. I competed in the TSA MW3 Master competition which was good, but there were some lag issues.

    I also Platinumed Resistance 3 with Origami Killer – top bloke! :)

    I played a very small amount of Bioshock 2 multiplayer and 4 chapters of Gatling Gears which is great. It might sound odd but the sound actually rivals that of BF3! I helped McProley with a few Rage co-op missions, then my 60gb launch PS3 fatty died on us with the disc inside. However in the same week I’ve stripped, repaired and rebuilt the bugger – so it’s back from the dead, yay!! I intend to play the Darkness 2 and Twisted Metal demos later.

    Oh, and my Zavvi Limited Edition Exclusive of MGS HD Collection arrived today – can’t wait to start PeaceWalker as I didn’t finish it on PSP. And FFXIII-2 Collectors Edition should arrive today! And I preordered my Vita!

    • Also competed but pulled out of the final match because I had to revise. Haha! very chuffed over that platinum! thanks again.

      I’ve been playing Castlevania this week. It’s actually really good but the difficulty is quite hard and its all down to bashing buttons down. Also on my list has been Deus Ex, completed a side mission and I still haven’t killed anyone yet but I set one alarm off :(
      This week I can get on with Dark Souls, Skyrim and the other two mentioned above. No more exams too so more time :)

      • And will be playing my first Final Fantasy game :P FFV

      • Good news about the exams!!

        I got bought Deus Ex for Xmas but haven’t started it – too many games!

        Enjoy FFV – but just remind yourself it’s old (if you judge it), but you should still enjoy it.

      • It’s not the best of games, I feel it’s too over hyped. I’ve been playing a bit of Crash Bandicoot Warped so visuals of a PS1 game don’t bother me.

  7. Outside of the occasional demo (Syndicate, Asuras Wrath and Twisted Metal) it has been all about Resident Evil Revelations this week. Excellent campaign that has plenty of old-school scares along with the occasional action packed sequence to keep it varied. Even the storyline is decent this time around, with plenty of twists I didn’t see coming. In total it took 12 hours to play it through, which seems very reasonable for a handheld game, heck any game this gen really!
    The Raid mode is also incredibly addictive and my wife and I have put over 6 hours into that mode already :)

    Weighing up whether to get FFXIII-2 this evening on my way home from work. I have a wife-free day tomorrow so mulling over whether I should get stuck into a new game or do something productive lol.

    • I already warned my girlfriend that the next few days I might or might not realize when she is actually at home because I’m too busy playing FFXIII-2… She’s ok with it so I’m good to go! :P

      • Haha! Fortunately my other half has a 360 and a stack of RPGs (the genre, not the fire arm) so she just fires one of those up when she knows I’m in for the long-haul

      • Glad you added the clarification on RPG’s – Your comment would have been a fair bit more sinister if you didn’t!! XD

    • You played Resident Evil? Well, knock me down with a feather! ;)

      Lucky, a love wife-free day! Enjoy! (I love my wife, but everyone needs a bit of space now and then).

      • I do play other games, honest! :D It’s just the announcement of 3 new RE games this year has put me in the mood to play through my older ones haha.
        With Catherine, FFXIII-2, Tekken 3D, Syndicate and The Last Story all due out this month, hopefully at least one of those games end up in my collection and gets me out of my Resi phase lol (until Operation Raccoon City in March of course…)

        A wife-free day is officially a thing of legend. She’s great and all but, as you say, space is a good thing from time to time lol

      • “a thing of legend” – lol, so true!!

        Yeah, things are starting to pick up in the gaming world, RE: ORC will probably be my next PS3 purchase. I didn’t really enjoy the Catherine demo and Vita will be taking all my cash this month!

      • Theres a Catherine demo!?!? Want!

      • I think its on the US store!

      • I had to put this as it was funny, but this was taken from Maxim’s review of Catherine (2 out of 5 stars):

        “Sorry to put it like this, but you’re basically an attention seeking version of Q*bert with a Facebook account.”

      • LOL! As far as I can tell its the storyline that makes Catherine so enjoyable. The actual game play looks almost identical to Pushmo on the 3DS (and that only has a 5quid price tag)

      • Yeah, but I’m just not sure that would be enough to hold my attention without some decent gameplay. I’ll reserve judgement for now though!

  8. Again, haven’t played anything for the entire week. I think it’s my third or fourth consecutive week without playing any videogames… I wanted to download the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo from the PSN yesterday and was reminded that the one time I want to access the damn store in the last four weeks it’s down for maintenance… Anyways, I’ll try to download that after work so I can spend a little time playing that while the missus is away.
    Tomorrow marks the day I finally get back to playing games when my copy of FFXIII-2 arrives. Reading through the list of games the staff has played this week I take it there will not be a FFXIII-2 review anytime soon?

    • Today has finally come, you’ve been very patient! I hope it meets your expectations! :)

      • I’m a fanboy. If it doesn’t, I’ll probably just sweet talk it… But I’m not worried. :)

      • You aiming to collect all 160 fragments? According to the review I read they said that was the most addictive part of that game. Some are apparently very tricky.

      • I ordered the limited edition guide like I did with XIII. I won’t stop playing this game until that platinum trophy unlocks! :D

      • Lol, good for you! I’m a bit of a FF fanboy too. I’m sure it’ll be good!

  9. “the one time I want to access the damn store in the last four weeks it’s down for maintenance”

    Lol I know that feeling. Hadn’t fired up my PS3 in weeks only to find the PSN was down for maintenance this week when I wanted to download a couple of demos. Bloody service lol.

    • It’s actually the second time that this has happened to me. The last time was when I wanted to link my copy of Portal 2 to my Steam account to play it on the PC but then the PSN hack happened. Luckily I was able to access the store when I purchased Oddworld: Abe’S Exodus and Stranger’s Wrath… Haven’t touched Stranger’s Wrath yet, though… I didn’t want to start a game that close to a FF release because I was afraid that I had to stop playing the game before actually finishing it because my focus shifted to FF…

  10. I’ve been playing Fallout New Vegas. I completed Lonesome Road earlier this week. It gives you the post apocalyptic feeling and i would say does so even better then Fallout 3 did. You have to be careful at times due to the Tunnelers who are more of obstacle then a challenge. Plus, Deathclaws are now easier to beat with the introduction of the flare gun.

    I started a new game a few days ago and currently playing as a melee/uarmed based character. Who’s has 8 strength and 8 endurance along with 6 luck. I’ve also been playing a lot of Caravan games and have managed to get over 4000 bottle caps although, it’s a mixture of caravan, a few quests, and trading. Because, i’m a melee/unarmed character, i don’t have to worry about the heavy armour penalties to Agility as it won’t affect me that much. Sure, it will slow me down a bit but that is the price of having decent protection.

    Also, been playing Pandemic 2 thanks to Gamoc reminding me of it’s existence. I HATE MADAGASCAR SO ***** MUCH! In Pandemic 2 i mean. :)

    • Oh and i discovered that i can kill Giant Mantises just by stepping on them. I think you can cripple enemies head just by landing on them if you are wearing heavy armour. :)

    • I also prefer the setting of New Vegas, much more representative of a post nuclear apocalyptic world. Luckily on Fallout 3 I have the Tesla Cannon and Alien Disintergrator which means Deathclaws are easy to kill. Shame they aren’t of New Vegas, my hunting rifle is crap on it.

      • The cannon is in F:NV but is rare. Aliens don’t really fit into Fallout unless it’s an easter egg. The Guass Rifle is a good weapon to use against Deathclaws due to the knockback effect but i would advise taking them out one at a time with it. Due to it’s capacity.

      • Would be awesome to get one. I didn’t like the Guass rifle :(

      • The Silver rush rarely has them. The BOS safehouse has one or two but in poor condition and i think cost up to 20thousand to get fixed. Guass Rifles are fairly common. :) If you have 100 guns skill, then use the AM rifle as that is one of the most powerful guns in the game. Drawback is that i think it is a single shot weapon. And don’t bother trying to fire it from the hip as it will cause your shot to miss.

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