PSN Store Struggling, Kicking Up 80023102 Errors

Reports are coming in that the PlayStation Network Store appears to be struggling.

Users are complaining of missing past download lists, 80023102 errors, an inability to buy anything new and – frustratingly – online codes just aren’t able to be activated.

We’re hearing that Sony are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it as soon as they can, Customer Services, at least, are saying it’s maintenance but that doesn’t really ring true.

We’ll update as we hear more.


  1. Perhaps why they’re changing the name to “Sony’s [Expletive] Network”?

  2. Has been discussed on the SEN comments (page 3) – Certainly annoying when the PSN store hasn’t worked for me for at least 4 days!

    Can’t wait to hear ‘moer’ ;)

  3. I’ll be fine as long as I don’t have to repurchase what I bought the other day. It accepted the purchase then went back to normal menu, skipping download option altogether.

  4. *More or even *MOAR ;)

  5. Lets hope, along with the name change, it will be made more robust.

  6. Have this problem as well. Happened when I just bought BF3, I entered my online pass code then bought the Back to Karkland DLC and when I realised it weren’t downloading I had a sad face lol. Was hoping my online pass at least registered but no, it didn’t. Can’t even play a game I just bought earlier.

    I hate online codes!!!

    • Exact same thIng happened to me!!! :(

      • Me 2, EA live chat told me to delete the BF3 game cache and obviously when i went to re-download the online pass i couldn’t!

        Haven’t bothered with the Sony machine since the hacking fiasco and i come back to this? No wonder my PC is my number one gaming machine.

  7. Yup, same for me too! oh well, maybe it will get sorted for the delayed release of Simpsons Arcade??

  8. So somebody messed up in the maintenance?

  9. I had this issue. Reset router. All good in the hood :-)

  10. Happened to me yesterday, couldn’t download the LBP2 Muppets level pack. I was looking forward to that more than I was Gran Turismo 5!

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