Mass Effect Game Coming to Mobiles

Mass Effect 3 is just starting to flare up over the dark, empty horizon. So obviously, EA and BioWare are hitting the transmedia hype machine at full force. And we wholeheartedly encourage them, you can never have too much Mass Effect.

The newest addition to the big Mass Effect family is an iOS app called Mass Effect Infiltrator. It’s a third person shooter that hooks back into Mass Effect 3 by increasing your “Galactic Readiness” in the full game (once it’s released). It will also unlock exclusive weaponry in the full game.


There’s also going to be a “Datapad” companion app on iOS which allows you to keep tabs on the Mass Effect universe from your iOS device and features a troop-deployment mini-game.

There’s no firm date for the apps yet but with Mass Effect 3 due on March 9th, it shouldn’t be too long to wait.

Source: Shacknews Thanks, Steven



  1. If by mobiles you mean iOS, which is a little disappointing, more so with the Datapad app, which doesn’t sound all that complicated.

    • It’s iOS just now (like the story says) but EA has strong presence on Android so I assume it will make the leap. MS will most likely also be pressing for Windows Phone versions that it can tie into Xbox Live.

  2. Sounds good, better than the one on the store right now! :D

  3. Id like it as a vita app.

    • Sounds like an ideal game for the Vita, here’s hoping..

  4. Does that mean, we could end up tapping Miranda’s arse? :D What? She has a nice bottom.

    Although, i’m a bit concerned this may be the start of the milking of ME3. :S I wonder if it will be set in between ME2 and 3?

    • I hope to jebus you did jazz hands after writing that.

      • Does building a time machine so i can go back in time just to do that after i wrote that count? :p

  5. I hope this comes to android, will be slightly miffed if it doesn’t.

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