PS3 Firmware 4.10 Brings, Wait For It, A Decent Browser!

The PlayStation 3 has another firmware update, taking the console to version 4.10.

With it, probably one of the best upgrades we’ve seen for a good while – a decent web browser.  “The Internet browser has been improved,” says the German PlayStation site, “which optimizes the display of content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts.”

[drop2]”Some sites that previously could not be correctly displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported with the PS3 system software 4.10.”

Indeed, it’s now infinitely better, with a quick HTML5 test kicking out a score of 80 (it had a zero before) and ACID3 scoring 99, which is remarkable (the Vita scores 53).   Better still, YouTube and Twitter now work perfectly.

Oddly there’s no mention of the update on the EU Blog, hopefully they’ll wake up soon enough, but it is on the US version but for some reason they just say it’s “improved display speed” and completely missing the point.

4.10 also includes all the Sony Entertainment Network stuff that we’ve been going back and forth over for a few days.  As you’d expect (before a missing word threw everything off for a few hours) the PSN is still there nice and proud.

The update is live now, as is the update for Vita taking it to 1.60.



  1. I thought a new browser was essentially vapourware. Well done Sony, better late than never.

  2. Finally a PS3 firmware update which brings tangible improvements to the ps3. Well done Sony! Now make the music player and the sorting and categorising options better.

  3. great news for those who use it :-)

  4. Better late then never I suppose.

  5. So youtude in hd when available, as oppose to 240p restriction? will try after dload. Guess the flash player will still be an old ver. restricting what you can view.

  6. And they’ve included setting the time whenever you log into the PSN/SEN! They must read TSA:

    • With any luck we’ll get the streamlined in-game XMB too!

  7. The increase in speed is very welcome as I use the Browser quite a lot when the missus is hogging the Laptop.

    • Speed increase highly noticeable:) Still yet to see a youtube vid above 240p, yes my acc settings have hd when available ticked. The ps3 homepage has been redesigned, with added facebook intergration. Will keep me going till ps4, where I expect to see the last browser & flashplayer. Have to say again, loving the speed increase. Goodbye to full console freeze?

      • Yeah, hopefully goodbye to the daily browser freeze. Btw, is worth a look for playing hd youtube vids in ps3 browser.

      • Will check that site out, cheers.
        (btw above was meant to read “latest,” not “last.”)

  8. Woah, that was unexpected. Glad it’s happened though, as I do actually use the web browser on the PS3 a fair bit. I look forward to downloading this and getting some use out of it.

  9. I’m not going to believe you until I update my PS3. :P

    Great news though.

  10. I tried it but it still wasn’t scrolling right the web pages(i.e it was stuttering a bit, scrolling it up & down)? Seemed a bit better tho the browser. I will try it again later;) + I miss the free updated stuff. Most of it goes to PS+ people now :(

    • TSA pages stutters/sticks on scrolling, fine b4 todays’ update.

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