Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Leaked?

Rumours are that this week’s issue of Famitsu lists a late February release for the second pack of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC. It will reportedly feature Sazh from the original FF13 and (sigh) a pink bikini swimsuit costume for Serah. It is also thought that a new casino game, a knight outfit for Noel and a secret piece of DLC will be available.

The costumes will cost ¥300/240MSP with the Sazh episode will cost ¥600/400MSP and will be released on February 28th.

At present the information is unconfirmed and for Japan only.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Figured we would see some extra attires soon given there is an “outfits” section in the pause menu and you don’t unlock any through normal play. Actually I’m sure I recall hearing that an Ezio attire would be available for Noel at some point

  2. I’ve seen the bikini, its very cute. I loved Sazh, so cant wait for him to be my group

  3. Typical… >_>

    • I know, why can’t Noel get a bikini? :-P

  4. Why is it that I thought the author behind this article would be tuffcub?

  5. Oh they will release a bikini for Serah but not one for Tifa in the FF fighting game(can’t spell it).

    Why do i get the feeling that Sazh was going to be in the game but was cut just to get sold back to use?

    • I’m still half expecing him to turn up at Serindipity (or whatever the casino is called) so I do agree with you on that one.

    • He has a short cameo in the game already.

  6. Just release the damn naked pack and get it over with *sigh

  7. I thought it was already known there would be DLC outfits for Serah?

    • Well you do get 1 or the other outfit with the pre order (depending which deal you got)

  8. I’m glad this will be supported into the future, there is plenty to do in the game so I can’t really complain, as long as the game keeps me interested I will keep buying the DLC.

  9. I already have FFXIII-2 platinum, i just don’t know is this making me coming back and play XIII-2, but Sazh episode is a must buy also a new area of Serendipity and a new casino game.

    • Congrats! I gave the slot machine a few tries but man was I unlucky, even with the machine in the best possible mood. The Lucky Coin fragment will probably be my last fragment… How did you do it? Rubber band the L1 button and leave it on through the night?

      • Don’t use auto-play,the odds of winning are much lower than manual.

      • Thanks! I just got lucky, so yeah i think there’s no other options than rubber band your L1 button. Good luck!

      • I actually won more coins when using auto play… This game is effing with my mind!

    • Hope there’s new trophies some time around.

  10. I really hope sazh is a syn, then i could have all ppl in my party insted of annoying monsters. Although omega has a 1000+ attack, he’s just sooo slow.

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