Journey Gets Release Date And Price

[drop2]Alright, I was just starting to think I could get by for a while without my PS3 (it died at the weekend) and then this turns up.  Journey, the game I fell in love with last year, is out next month.

The date?  March 15th.  The price?  ¥1,200.


Yes, that’s a Japanese release date, but there’s nothing to suggest that a European release will be far behind that, if at all.  That price translates to about a tenner, which sounds like a bargain to me.

The game won’t be called Journey in Japan, it’s called Kaze no Tabebito, (Travelers of the Wind).


You can read an interview on Journey here, and our latest hands on with the game here.



  1. Great news! Was it YLOD nofi?

  2. I’m looking forward to this, and if it’s priced at £10 then it’s a day 1 purchase for me.

  3. The day before my Birthday? Oh Sony. You spoil me.

    • Only if they give it to you as a pressie!

      Perhaps you should let them know that the release is that close & y’know that you are a loyal customer & all that malarkey??

      In the words of Dwayne Dibley – You never know!

  4. Want.

  5. PS3’s are £150 at morrisons! (160GB slim…) can’t wait for this game, never played they’re previous 2 though.

    • flow and flower are not only ace but bargains to boot mate. have a butchers if you get the opportunity

      • Flower and flOw are definitely experiences worth having, I completely agree.

        Also, if you’re looking to start getting your gf into games Flower is the best place possible, they just can’t resist ;)

        Worthy investment even if you only buy it for that.

      • definitely, i even managed to get my mum to play flower and i believe cures mum got a ps3 specifically for it too :)

      • Indeed, I showed Flower to my mum and she pretty much went straight from my house to Comet for a PS3 :P My Dad still hasn’t let me hear the end of it, though he did get a blu-ray player by stealth so I don’t think he’s really THAT upset…

      • Awesome. I love how thatgamecompany craft experiences that really can appeal to anyone, they make it so easy to just pick up and play. I had my grandfather playing flOw a couple of months ago, though he still boots up his PS2 to play some Spyro every now and then.

    • Shit in a bag and punch it, thats my frickin birthday…..

  6. I’m interested in this, looks great.

  7. About time! I’ve kept money aside on PSN for this. Think I’ll be purchasing Starhawk too. It was a grower on me and I’ve been loving it.

  8. Day 1!!!!!!!!

  9. awesome sauce

    • this year is off to a storming start on the games front.

  10. £7.99 and I’ll get it. Any more and it will have to wait.

    • Agreed, but i would actually be a bit more brutal on pricing than that – As i have seen nothing of the game apart from a few people floating about at eurogamer, it would have to be in the £6.29 mark for me to take the plunge.

      & thats after playing & enjoying flower too, so i have a little faith. £4 if that wasn’t the case! :P

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