Journey UK and EU Release Date Announced

Put this one in your diaries. March 14th 2012 – the day Sony releases thatgamecompany’s next emotive masterpiece (we’re hoping!) onto the PSN in Europe.

That’s less than a month away and just close enough to make us do a little happy dance. Probably too soon for us to have those special terracotta-coloured robes tailored though.


Jenova Chan, creative director and co-founder of thatgamecompany, has dropped some words on the US PS Blog:

With each game we create, we want to bring something truly unique and authentic to the user. We want our players to experience something they have never felt before.

Our first game for PSN was flOw in 2007, a meditative zen video game haiku. We followed that in 2009 with Flower, our video game version of a poem about the tension between urban bustle and natural serenity.

Journey, our third game, is an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with others.

Sounds like it’s going to be every bit as captivating as Flower and flOw. The US price has been set at $15, and we’re awaiting confirmation of what we are being charged over on this side of the pond.



  1. I’m sure I saw $15 touted. So that’ll be about £20 quid on SCEE money exchange rate.

    • they’d never do that.
      £19.99 at most. ^_^

  2. A Wednesday. 4 days After Mass Effect 3. Conflicted.

    • Damn, that’s a good point.

      I guess Journey will be good for calming down every time the combat in ME3 gets me mad, which if it is anything like ME2 will be frequently.

  3. Sounds like its gonna be expensive.

  4. $15!? Haha. No sale.

    • Ah, so i’m not the only one that thinks the price is a little ambitious. :)

      • Nope, has put me right off. I’ll get it when it’s cheaper, but day 1 sale has just been lost from me.

      • I’ll inevitably buy it at some point but not for what I deem to be over the odds. Patience is a virtue.

      • A virtue I tend to lack annoyingly.

  5. I’ve only got £12 left of my TSA winnings, eek! Still got my fingers crossed that its £9.99.

  6. scee aint gonna let a high profile title like this out without a fuck up somewhere.

    • This made me laugh but also cry a wee bit since it is so true.

  7. So it will be like £12, How can that be expensive for a game that’s been in work for 3 years?

  8. So are they eventually working their way up to a novel then?

  9. $15 = £12.99 I reckon. Not bad really for a decent and different game. ME3 meh !

  10. If its £12 or less, it’s still a day one for me!

    • Ditto – going to put some funds on, on pay day!

    • here here, looking forwards to this next month

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