Call Of Duty Hits PS Vita This Autumn

Hopefully this isn’t something Activision don’t want us to talk about, but in a recent Game Trailers video Geoff Keighley talks to Guy Longworth, Sony’s Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing about Vita, and in it Longworth confirms that Call of Duty will hit Vita “this fall”.

Of course, there’s nothing else in there – no word on whether it’ll be a mainline CoD title that’ll run alongside the console versions, use cloud saving and allow you to continue your multiplayer campaign on the toilet, or whether it’ll be a cute top down shooter with twin stick control.


We’ve not heard anything about Call of Duty on the Vita since seeing the logo up on screen during E3 last year, so what’s going on is anyone’s guess but I’m assuming it’s not anywhere near ready to show yet, and this is just Sony reminding people that the game will, eventually, exist.

But, yeah, it’s there, and it’s still coming.  The quote’s at about 3.50.

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  1. If they can make it as close as possible to a console build of CoD, they’ve got a system seller.
    Portable Call of Duty will sell ridiculous amounts.

    • I certainly hope it’s a full title and not just a subset of cod. Nobody wants to play with a codpiece.

    • Ds has cod, not a system seller on there, though I imagine its dreadful.

      • yeah but i’d imagine that version is only vaguely like the home console versions.
        if the Vita is as capable as it seems then a game almost identical to the home versions should be possible, that will be a big seller.
        and with the two sticks it’s sure to play a lot better, as well as looking better, than the DS version.

        i’ve played shooters on ds, the dpad and touchscreen are no match for a good twin stick controller.

  2. Not a big CoD fan myself but this really needs to be the shooter that’s been on console for the last few years complete with multiplayer. This NEEDS multiplayer.

  3. I want this to be as close to the xbox/ps3 cod experience as possible. That means Multiplayer for me

    • The Vita is surely an amazing opportunity for a big budget multiplayer FPS, I have no idea why EA and Activision didn’t rush to port MW3 or BF3 onto it for release, that would have been a banker surely? Especially with PS3 crossplay!

      • indeed. well there’s those videos of BF3 running on the vita via the ps3, so they should at least open up that opportunity to people.

        I would really love them to port COD4 over or one of the older ones. Perhaps that would be easier for them.
        I just know that if they release cod game that has similar onloie capabilites (cod4 ;) ) then the mrs is really gonna struggle to get me off it once she’s finished watching hollyoaks and eastenders…..

      • Yeah I saw that! Very clever, its how Nintendo are going and surely the same could be said for Apple, so it definitely needs integrating into the normal Vita operation. I think I even suggested before that Sony could charge for a bit of DLC to enable it, a few quid for remote play swouldn’t be so bad if they need the cash to justify it to the publishers.

  4. The main thing about CoD is the online obviously. Could they really create a similar online experience on the Vita. It would take a lot of bespoke work I’d imagine. Bespoke, is that in Activusions vocab. I’d expect a reletively cheap cash in, although would be happy to be wrong.

    BF3 FTW

    • Like ron said above, I’d love to see battlefield on it.

  5. Am I the only person that wants the Vita COD to be comletely seperate from the main series? I would like an entire different COD on Vita. Same style of game, mindlessly shooting at waves of enemies while check point rushing, but I would like it to be a different story than the PS360 games.

  6. I would be massively surprised if the game features multiplayer and yet when it launches inevitablity without the feature, the internet will have rage

    • If it does get released without multiplayer. I won’t buy it.

    • Why would they release a cod game without multiplayer? The multiplayer is the reason people buy the game.

  7. I’m hoping the game will run at 60fps, hopefully Vita can handle it, I’m still surprised that it doesn’t run WipEout at 60.
    Hopefully by then, the Vita price will have dropped if I don’t already have one – don’t care how or why, I just want it cheaper!

  8. Might be reason to pick one up later in the year. I need more reasons to buy a Vita.

  9. They’ve been awfully quiet about that alleged 3rd person action spin off Sledgehammer had started on before the Infinity Ward tantrums drew them in to working on the main series…

    • I forgot that Sledgehammer were even working on a 3rd person shooter spinoff. :O Seeing as IW is a shell of it’s former self or has been shut down(can’t remeber what happened after the kuffle), i think it may have been sidelined untill further notice or they could still be working on it but at a very slow rate.

  10. I wonder if it will be a direct port of any of the recent COD games or if it will be an entirely new game? I can see them having trouble implenting online MP on the Vita due to connection problems that will be caused by people on the move.

    I wonder if it will be known as a Cod to takeaway. I think Geoff may either get shouted at by Acti for leaking it or if they will throw a massive oversized fish at him?

    • you raise a good point about the connection problems that will occur. Christ… they (iw) can’t seem to fix it for MW3 on the ps3, let alone a handheld with a 3g connection.

      • I didn’t think that you could play multiplayer over a 3G connection on the Vita.

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