Killzone 3 Multiplayer Free Next Week

[drop2]As Sony continues to experiment with cheaper entry points to titles (with longtail future purchases such as DLC propping up the profit margins) it looks like the lovely FPS Killzone 3 will be the next test for the publisher.

According to the latest PlayStation Blogcast (and picked up by VG247) Guerrilla’s first person shooter will see its multiplayer portion appear free of charge on the PlayStation Network Store.


Well, a slightly limited version, at least – there’ll be a level cap – and an option to purchase the ‘full’ game for $15 to remove it and continue to upgrade your characters.

It’s essentially a big demo, but with the game available to buy for (probably) less than that $15 in some places, it might be an experiment that’s a little too late.

Killzone 3 scored 9/10 in our review.



  1. Free is good! But will trophies work? I only had plus for a wee while but wasn’t it the case where full game trials had trophies disabled, if so will this be the same?

    • mmm, i’d like to know this too.

      • Its not a deal breaker, it is free afterall, but I originally bought KZ3 then sold it when I finished the story ,I had crap internet at the time so multiplayer wasn’t great) and like Youles said I’d like to mop up some multiplayer trophies now.

  2. I thought KZ3 was brilliant :P + i hope they do KZ1 in HD with Trophies to soon:P

  3. Grumpy Old Men have KZ3 meets every Tuesday night, they are hilarious and have been the highlight of my gaming for a very long time. If anyone fancies proper headset gaming without taking things too serious, join us!

    • Hmm I sigend up but cant any deets of a KZ3 meet?

  4. OK just curious lol isn’t K3 multi player free anyway? I play it now and then since its the only fps I have and like (also BF seris)

    • Not really since you have to buy the disc ;)

      • Lol u know what I mean, if you already have it on disc

      • Yes, it’s free if you have already bought the game (so actually not free at all as you had to buy it?), but this is for people that haven’t bought the game & are looking to dip their toes in.

  5. Nice idea, should see online numbers go up. This week I have been playing through the single player part of the game on elite and its wonderful.

  6. I used to play this alot but had to stop because it would only automatch me into empty games that would never fill up, was a shame too i really enjoyed it, mabay this will rejuvinate the servers.

  7. I would also say too late, though this is a good idea for future releases with separate online/offline components.

  8. The only online shooter I’ve ever gotten into. Will be handy for LAN parties :)

  9. My fave online game. Love killzone. 2 and 3 are ace online. Love 3!

  10. I find it gets really boring online after a bit and still have my disk, great idea though.

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