Killzone 3 Multiplayer Free Next Week

[drop2]As Sony continues to experiment with cheaper entry points to titles (with longtail future purchases such as DLC propping up the profit margins) it looks like the lovely FPS Killzone 3 will be the next test for the publisher.

According to the latest PlayStation Blogcast (and picked up by VG247) Guerrilla’s first person shooter will see its multiplayer portion appear free of charge on the PlayStation Network Store.

Well, a slightly limited version, at least – there’ll be a level cap – and an option to purchase the ‘full’ game for $15 to remove it and continue to upgrade your characters.

It’s essentially a big demo, but with the game available to buy for (probably) less than that $15 in some places, it might be an experiment that’s a little too late.

Killzone 3 scored 9/10 in our review.


  1. Great idea, but possibly too late. Perhaps a good time to get my last 2 multiplayer trophies, what with all the noobs! ;)

    • which ones do you need now? can help you out with a few :)

      • Sorry – only just seen your post! “Turf War” – I need to capture a tactical spawn area (how do I do that)? Then I need “Spy Game” which is kill another player whilst disguised – which class do I have to be for that perk? Thanks mate!

      • Turf war is pretty easy! Just start a game as a tactician – make sure you have upgraded perks by at least one. Then on the map there should be tactical spawn areas, make sure you capture it. The disguise one is for the infiltrator I think, just upgrade the disguise perk on it so you have unlocked it.

      • Thanks mate – neither look too hard. Then (assuming I get the Platinum), I could try and pick up a few more of the DLC MP trophies to increase my percentage!! Best of luck with the Plat over the weekend!

      • DLC ones are a tad bit harder I think, thanks, will make sure I get it!

    • you might have to buy the MP part as Sony disables trophy support on games they give out for free. I could be wrong but I’d check into it if I was you before you go trophy hunting :)

  2. Great, more people for me to kill! RAWR!

  3. Cool, they did that with MAG but I don’t think SCEE did, just SCEA. Let’s hope it’s different this time.

    • Just like MAG, I think this is US only.

      If so, cheers SCEE :/

  4. Nice, I’ll give this a wee shot I think.

  5. If this is in Europe, I smell a TSA Meet…

  6. Hmmmm.
    I wonder if it has anything to do with Gotham City Impostors selling incredibly well at $15.

  7. I wonder if those who use this will be able to use the clan system. Could do with an odd KZ ingame clanwar; KZ3’s one is utter trash compared to KZ2 though.

  8. Meybe one day if seperate multiplayer is successful online passes will allow you to unlock/buy a games multiplayer mode independant of the blu-ray so if your day one buyer sells the game on they still have the multiplayer on the system keeping the online mode populated and increasing the number of potential customers for DLC.

  9. good idea by Sony and great for gamers, its just a shame the MP is terrible compared to KZ2.

  10. I can pick this up for £12 in the high street. Once again the PSN Store issues OTT pricing…

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