Dust 514 Will Be Free To Download

CCP had previously indicated that the Eve Online PlayStation 3 shooter Dust 514 would require a ‘cover charge’ but it seems they have had a change of heart. Executive producer Brandon Laurino has been speaking to Eurogamer and said the fee was ‘a relatively confusing proposition’  and they ‘wanted to make it unambiguous that this is a free-to-play game.’

CCP also wish to make it clear that anyone who does pay for in game items will not be at an advantage, ‘It’s very important as we take steps into this topic to unambiguously state that it is not a pay to win game. ‘ Big fan of the word ‘unambiguously’, that Brandon chap.


Brandon also revealed some details of the PlayStationVita version, but it’s not the online shooter some assumed.

‘On Vita we will have a companion app,” Laurino said, ‘At the most basic level, you can do transactions on the market; equip and customise your character, your vehicles; set up strategies with your friends and Corporation members – all of these sort of companion functions on the go.’

The Vita app will be updated with new ‘gameplay oppurtunties’ as CCP explore the possibilities of the console.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. So you pay for trophies or not?

    • AFAIK you’re not allowed trophies in free to play games, unless there’s a subscription element to it.

  2. Balls… A full on Vita version of the shooter would have been cool.

  3. So the Vita is getting a smartphone app?
    No thanks.
    I’ve enough shooters on PS3 already, and seeing as I’m the type who mutes mics first thing when I start a game online, I’m not likely to be enamoured by such a focus on the community in a shooter.
    I was interested if it could fill a shooter gap on Vita, but now that’s not happening (at least not in the near future), count me out and thoroughly disinterested in Dust 514.

  4. I will give this a try but I think I am more interested in trying out EVE Online itself, spaceships are just so much cooler.

  5. Cannot wait for this, one of my top 5 most anticipated games this year. Anyone know when it’s due to be released? I’m unsure atm.
    I tried EVE and enjoyed it but didn’t get into it properly, as I knew if I did my social life would be non-existent. I wreck it enough with normal games, nevermind MMO’s.

    • Late 2012 I think, with a beta of some sort coming by summer.

  6. sounds really good looking forward to how it will use the Vita.

  7. Best news about this game so far. Loving this hype

  8. looking forward to this and the cross play with pc gamers.

  9. Wow I am really quite interested in this now! Originally I was sceptical of paying for a game that I might not have enough time to keep pace in (and the fact that CCP, the devs of Dust 514, have a “mixed” record of balancing things properly). Now though, I really think there’s nothing to lose.

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