Plastic Studios Developing ‘Datura’ for PS Move

Last September, we uncovered some footage of a mystery Move-controlled game that appeared to be from Team Plastic – the studio behind 2008’s interesting Linger in Shadows.

Well, now, via the US PlayStation Blog, Plastic have revealed the game as ‘Datura’. The game is said to use the Move controller in an innovative way, with you controlling the main character’s hand using Move. It’s set in a mysterious forest – something we had gathered from the early footage – and allows you to not just view the game world, but interact with it by touching objects in the environment.


It sounds like an interesting concept, and with inspiration coming from “film-like narratives”, it could certainly be a great, immersive experience, featuring puzzles involving choices and consequences.

Datura will be available later this year on PlayStation Network, with more details to be revealed soon. Check out the video (from last September) below to get an idea of what the game could look like.



  1. I’ve totally given up on move. It’s being used as an alternative control scheme for games and 9 times out of 10 its just easier to use ds3. The ONLY move game I enjoyed was sports champions, and that was only for a short while. Actually john daly was pretty good but that’s it, and I tried loads of different games with it.

    Thinking about it I’m totally lying, there was also ruse which was really good and they should’ve done more games that use move as a pointer type mouse type thing.

    I’m going to trade my move controller in as additional funds towards a vita.

    • You should try “The Fight” before trade. I think you`ll change your mind.

  2. I remember the day I got my move, played sports champion none stop, I became a master at table tennis, if only it had online play.

    I used it for killzone & resistance 3, my girlfriend uses it to play house of the dead, she is a fan apart from that I regret getting the move should have waited til sorcery came out

  3. I tend to agree. The Move hardware tech looked amazing when it was first released, but I’ve only played 4 or 5 games since purchasing it, and that must have been over a year ago now.

    Tumble and Sports Champions are both superb with Move.
    Flight Control HD, The Shoot and Echochrome 2 are all good.
    Top Darts had potential but is too difficult, and first person shooters – fahgeddaboudit.

  4. I like Move it is a great extra to have never bought it thinking it would replace my DS3.

  5. I’ve got to the stage where my arms actually get tired just reading about motion-controlled games but i’m intrigued by the oddness of Datura and i’m looking forward to seeing what Plastic have achieved. I get the feeing this game will be gently paced like Tumble and that suits my tired old arms just fine :)

  6. This game looks a bit like LSD.
    it makes no sense unless you really delve into it.

    And even if its not like that i still think it could be a strange and interesting game

  7. I bought the ps move just after launch and have not to this day picked up any game for it, to me that shows how bad the move is and that sony was jumping on the wii bandwagon.

    Im hoping this year will bring some original, innovative titles for the move, if not i believe sony has pulled the wool over alot of people’s eye’s and robbed us of our money for a dust collecter.

    Back to the above mentioned game though, it looks quite interesting, a sort of hybrid of myst. I hope though the developers connect that hand to an arm as it looks quite naff almost breaks the immersion that it’s trying to achieve imo.

  8. Still enjoy move with the fight, killzone, resistance etc. I still have faith :-)

    • I thought Infamous Festival of Blood had awesome Move support, I played all the way through it and got all the trophies that didn’t require online levels (haven’t been bothered with them yet for some reason) using only the move. And Infamous 2 supposedly has the same control-scheme aswell.

      And some of the LBP stuff was cool. Sony just needs to get out titles to back up the hardware, I’m looking at you Sorcery.

  9. Ooh! Butterfly!

  10. this is a game you say? o_O
    is there more to it than just stroking stuff?

    i think i’d need to see more of what you actually do in the game, if it indeed is a game.
    but it certainly looks pretty unique.

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