Starhawk Beta Gets Huge Update

The Starhawk beta has been gathering pace for months. What started out as a small private beta for a few hardcore Warhawk players has since progressed to fully open access via the PSN Store.

Over that time most aspects of the game have been tweaked and tweaked again, so that it is as balanced as possible before the beta comes to an end on March 27th, ahead of the title’s May launch date.


Up until now the action has been limited to 16 players, but now this opens up with the addition of Dust, a new map allowing 32 players to slug it out. That’s not all though as you can see from the video above two new vehicles have been added; the Sidewinder Jetbike and the Ox Heavy Tank. If you’ve not sampled the Starhawk beta yet this major update represents one the final chances to join in.

Source: PlayStation.Blog



  1. WOOO! 32 players! Been waiting for that update for ages :)

  2. The servers are now back on. CAN NOT WAIT!!

  3. Hang on, it’s out in MAY.???
    How did I miss that news?

  4. I am so stoked!

  5. I downloaded the beta just the other day, time to get online I think.

  6. Cool beans…

  7. Still not got round to playing the beta, I must pull my finger out and at least give it a go.

    • Difficult to get into in a bite-sized go, underneath the balls & craziness of blowing shit up its very deep, there’s some good guides on the Lightbox Interactive blog to help

  8. I kept gettinng kicked out cause like a newbie I am, I kept building stuff by accident lol but this game is sweet. I fully enjoyed, this maybe just be but it has that Halo feeling.

  9. Did they ever add the full featured split screen mode of WarHawk?
    Haven’t played the beta.

  10. damn, just deleted this last night to free up HDD space

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