EA Estimate Nearly 900,000 Copies Of Mass Effect 3 Sold In US Alone

Mass Effect 3, our review code for which we only managed to coax into life last night, is selling quite well. Or, at least that’s what EA’s John Riccitiello is saying in his latest estimates.

Which, as you’d imagine, are both bullish and impressively high.


Venturebeat says that Riccitiello is “happy” about the sales, which are apparently around about 890,000 – a figure that shifted in just 24 hours and only includes the US.

“We anticipated it doing well, so we’re happy,” he said.

The game’s day-one DLC is also doing really well for the publisher, with retailer GameStop claiming a 40% tie rate in their shops.

The game’s out today in the UK.



  1. I’ve not played a whole game from the series before, but the fps in the PS3 demo were too shocking, made it uncomfortable to watch let alone play. I’m sure the story/gameplay is excellent but I’d have to get it on PC – impressive sales figures though.

    • Can anyone confirm if the frame rate issues from the demo have been fixed?

  2. Sadly, it’ll have to wait as i bought too many great games recently and i know that once i pick up ME3 everything else will be forgotten about until i complete it. Soon though…

  3. wow that is good numbers in U.S alone, am currently playing this game. Its good so far, even though I keep swapping this & Unit 13.

  4. I don’t see it selling it well in the UK, it’s just not geared to us. The first two were so boring that I didn’t even complete any of them.

    • More people disagree with you than agree. It will do well in the uk, despite game not stocking it.

    • I could say the same about a certain FPS that involves America vs russians. ;)

      ME has a massive fan base all over the world and there are a lot of ME fans in the uk who will buy it or have already bought it. :)

  5. Would like to know the UK one because I went to ASDA at Midnight Launch for snacks and there were only seven people queued up for the game.
    That’s right SEVEN!!!!
    Last Midnight Launch was Gears of War 3 and that was at least 50 customers but only at GAME and Gamestation, very little in ASDA last year
    Oh Kudos to Mass Effect Launch. ‘I don’t think I can count that high’

  6. gonna wait to get it from CEX to use up some of my credit

  7. Mine is downloading from ps store as I write this. 14 gig though, looking like an overnight job.

  8. Further cementing EA and Biowares view that cutting content out of the main game and providing it as day1 DLC is the correct approach as gamers will lap it up irrelevant.
    It always amazes me how gaming seems to be the one market where the customers are constantly prepared to pay more for less.

    Personally I rarely buy second hand but I’ll make an exception on this one occasion. I don’t mind DLC when it’s completely redundant additional fluff but when you cut a character whose species have been integral to the ME universe since the first 5 minutes of game 1 … well I have my limits.

  9. I’m glad that ME3 has done well and i hope it will sell even better over here. But the one thing that pisses me off is the day 1 DLC that is content cut from the game and is very important to the ME universe.

    If it was free for those who bought it new, i would understand as they want to people to buy it new but no, you have to pay for it to get the most important character, lore wise. STOP DOING THIS BIOWARE AND EA! When i buy the game, i expect to get the entire game and not see any DLC that is content that has been cut from the game!

    I may be able to get ME3 soon. :)

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