73% Of Mass Effect 3 Sales Were On Xbox 360

Did I miss the memo?  Is Mass Effect 3 on the PS3 a broken mess of a game?

I suspect not, but it seems like the buying public didn’t really want the PS3 version, with just 14% of sales going towards that platform, at least in terms of UK retail.  73% of buyers bought the game on 360, with 8% opting for PC.


Other juicy nuggets emerging from today’s charts update?  The majority of sales for Rayman Origins were for the PS Vita version (37%) and more people bought Rage for 360 than for Sony’s platform.  Probably because it was available for about £3 from GAME.

If nothing else, the charts show that, even without GAME, large budget, heavily advertised titles will still top the charts, with EA’s RPG behemoth sailing proud at number one.

Blair’s currently reviewing Mass Effect 3, with the review copy only unlocking at the end of last week.

Really handy, that.



  1. you failed to mention inferior ps3

    • Well apparently its playable.

    • In what way is it inferior? Seems absolutely brilliant to me! 3 less pixels on the screen? 2 less colours in the palette?

      • Apparently the PS3 version has a slightly more stuttery framerate. I got the 360 version, but at this point I think I would have preferred it on PC/PS3, at the moment I feel like I’m having to change disk every hour or so, kinda annoying.

        Apparently, with the 360s added support of USB sticks for saving, it’s actually quite easy to port your save from 360 to PC… wish I’d found that out before I bought it.

      • I saw digital foundry on Eurogamer which shows the game dropping frequently below 20fps which is just not acceptable. 30fps is the absolute minimum a game should run at but for a console game to go as low as 16fps is laughable.

      • yep EG caused a load of crap over nothing was terrible reporting they did it before the release as well.

      • I don’t think reporting that a game drops to 20fps “a load of crap” – why is this?

      • if you play the game it runs fine so getting everyone thinking it is no good is good reporting out of the last 20 games I have played FEELS no different to any of them.

      • That’s fine, but the frame rate differences are clearly there from what I can see. That’s honest reporting, isn’t it?

      • just seems pointless when it feels like any other game.

        if I took there advice like so many probably have I should skip the PS3 version when it feels fine.

      • Nofi’s spot on here, it was honest reporting, and it was correct.

        A lower frame rate looks a lot worse, and decreases controller response time, which is certainly apparent in ME3. There’s a definite degree of button lag there, the game just doesn’t feel as responsive, and chugs along at times. It screams of a bad port, considering this is apparently the same engine as ME2 on PS3, which ran fine from what I can remember.

      • I think it’s just crap the game runs just fine i haven’t noticed anything after the opening scene. I think the biggest reason why this has been selling more on 360 is because most people started it on that console so they finished it on it too and the fact that the 1st game never came to the PS3 is a big reason too

      • nemesisND1derboy do not agree with you on this the game feels no different to any other to me.

      • I’m with skib. Perhaps mandatory 1.01 which was there on release fixed a lag issue. I’m about 10 hours in and its been solid the whole way, not a single issue of any kind, no lag, no drop in frame rate. Looks perfectly lovely lovely to me!

      • With Tony and Skib here for the most part.

      • I found the ps3 single player demo unplayable on ps3 and since my ME2 save is on ps3 I will have to wait for a patch or jump ship to PC.

      • You really shouldn’t judge off demos. They’re clearly not representative of final gameplay.

  2. PS3 and PC just never interested in Mass Effect but the numbers are a bit surprising thought it could’ve been a bit higher for Ps3.

    • iv never played the 1st one, so why bother with the rest… lots of other ps3 owners are the same i think. bit like the MGS series, if you missed MGS1 then the others are not as good

    • Great link my man but to me most of the screenshots look identical

      • yep it is becoming really silly how this happens when it is the other way round no news.

    • @skibadee i just adhusted the darkness setting on my TV and a tad in game and looks exactly like the 360 version does

      • You can definitely tell the difference there. Luckily your not missing out much if your on PS3 because the game looks terrible in general anyway.

      • How on earth does me3 look terrible? It’s perfectly lovely, no awards for best ever graphics but its absolutely definitely not terrible.

  3. Glad to see people using their brain cells and refusing to buy the inferior mess that is Mass Effect 3 (PS3).

    • Inferior? Maybe a little in places, but it’s still a brilliant game. It’s definitely not a mess though, and if you think it is, I’d hate to see what you think of far worse games like…Black Ops?

      • I should add I do have and enjoy Blop’s (even platted it) but it’s still wayyyy inferior to the 360 version.

      • Choppy frame rates, lip movement completely out of sync with voice acting, numerous bugs… sorry, it just doesn’t sound worthy of 40quid, especially when the 360 version doesn’t seem to have any of these issues.

      • Frame rate in cutscenes occasionally stutters, and it’s crashed twice on me in my 25hour playthrough (most games nowadays do, unfortunately). Those are the only problems I’ve had though.
        The voice acting being out of sync is only a problem on the downloadable version, I’ve heard.
        Game is most definitely worth £40 though dude, at least in my own opinion.

    • Well i think for everyone the experiance is different i have had no issues so far with my Playstaion 3 version no lag,no crashes and no out of sync lip movement,yet my brother has had quite a few problems on his 360 version

    • that is the biggest load of crap I have heard played it for over 12 hours not once have I felt like im playing a bad game do you even own it on PS3?

      • Do I personally own the game? No. I played the demo and read enough performance reports to know its not worth the purchase.

        If you haven’t encountered any issues then lucky you, but you only have to read a couple of posts here to realise it’s filled with problems that should have been fixed before shipping:

      • going to ask some of the guys on my friends list that have it because it feels fine to me.

      • Before you ask, i don’t have it mate! :)

    • I’d say the 360 version is the inferior one since what i’ve heard the main missions and the side missions are on different discs so you have to change discs really often and besides if your going by the demo it doesn’t really tell much who knows how old the demo code was like in ME2 the PS3 version what was it a few months old

    • This is assuming people have both 360 and ps3 and choose which version to buy. For those, I wouldn’t be surprised if close to 100% bought the 360 version as they’ve most likely got the save file for 360 going from 1 & 2.

      Moat gamers don’t have multiple consoles, they have 1.

      Most gamers don’t read websites like this or reports like this.

      I’d be really interested in the real reasons for this discrepancy in sales between the consoles, its not because of minor differences in performance.

  4. Dunno about whether the PS3 version is the inferior version or not, but surely this probably just relates to the masses (ha!) of Xbox owners who have played the first two & want to continue their saves?

    • I was thinking that it’s to do with the franchise starting on the Xbox so the main thrust of sales will still be on that platform. I’m also guessing similarly loaded figures happen with Final Fantasy (but obviously the other way around).

      • Only reason I bought the 360 version. Don’t like the disk swaps and the fact that my shepard face import did not work though.

      • I agree with this, if you had ME1 on 360 then you are going to want all your choices and data to move over from 1&2 to 3. ME has only recently come to PS3 players and if any of them are like me then you are still playing the second one!

        Many might, like me, be waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition that will include all the DLC and extra missions. With a game like this you are going to want to play all the extra DLC which could add up given the first lot was ready from day one, so in the long run waiting for the GOTY edition might be a better financial option.

        Finally its probably sold that many on 360 as they haven’t had a decent game for months so will be all over this for something to play! **runs and hides behind wall**

  5. I use my PS3 for most of my gaming but Mass Effect 3 has caused me a dilemma, will probably buy the Xbox version for continuity of my save files

  6. Too many great PS3 exclusives atm for me, J&D, Journey etc. But i will pick it up soon.

  7. Probably more to do with the games starting on Xbox originally than due to the problems ME3 is having on PS3. Personally, I bought the PS3 version and i’ve not had many problems. The occasional framerate drop during a cutscene…but combat has been smooth with no problems every time.

  8. I didn’t even know the PS3 version was inferior, but when I eventually come round to buying it, it will be on the 360 so I can continue my saves when I get round to starting the first 2.

  9. Im about 10-12 hours in and had no lag or crashing what so ever on my PS3 yet my brother 360 fanboy who is currently living in the US said his 360 version was unplayable when he got towards the end and told me it crashed alot when he tried to enter the Citidel Commons!

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