Mass Effect Anime Shown Off At SXSW

EA and BioWare are working on animated movies for two of their biggest franchises, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. There hasn’t been a lot of information about the Mass Effect film before but over at SXSW they’ve shown off some concept artwork.

The movie is still without a trailer or even final art in the public view but these concept drawings are enough to pique my interest. The project, a joint venture between FUNimation and T.O. Entertainment & Production IG, is scheduled for release later this year.


A video posted on DailyMotion also has some talk of the Dragon Age anime being released in May of this year.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Ewwww.

  2. I really hope it won’t include a Shepard that is capable of breaking the laws of physics as that is what i hate about the DA one. If the people of Thedas were capable of taking on huge groups of Darkspawn by themselves then they wouldn’t need the Grey Wardens, except from the Archdemon. Oh, went a bit off topic.

    I wonder if Male shepard will be used and what choices they consider to be their Canon will be?

    I will be very annoyed if the anime craps all over the lore as i hate it when films do that to the games they are based on.(if applicable to films that are based on games that have lore).

    • I don’t think it’s Shepard in this, it’s another dude. This is just in the ME Universe.

      • it’s set before the games isn’t it?

        from what i’ve read it stars one of the new characters, James Vega i think his name was.

      • I can understand if they choose not to include Shepard as they may want to avoid creating a set canon.

        I wonder if it will be set inbetween ME2&3 or if it takes place over the course of the events of the ME trilogy?

    • Hope they guys called Captain Mince… *cough*

  3. at least with production IG involved it will look a whole lot better than the saturday morning cartoon + blood look of the Dead Space / Dantes Inferno ones they did. I hope the script is also better than those two as well because to be honest they were both dire…

  4. I don’t know… kind of fed up with these other media of games especially the Dragon Age live action stuff which to me is awful. Profuction IG? never follow anime but are they great?

  5. Looks like NGE-style. Old school drawing kinda thing

    • Looks more Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex to me.

      Most of this is digital, very few anime do much with hand drawn stuff these days. Redline is a recent, awesome, example of something still hand drawn, mostly anyway.

  6. is that last picture supposed to be that small?
    i can’t even tell what it is.

    • It’s a test. If you can decipher what the picture is from the smaller than small thumbnail, you can win a speedboat.

      Or something equally as useless to 99% of people. :)

      • /Or/ you can choose the mystery box. A boat is just a boat but the mystery box could be anything! ;)

  7. Art is remanisc of X’amd or Eureka Seven in my opinion. Odd looking Krogen though.

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