Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Announced

So the Baldur’s Gate website has finished counting down to reveal Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. Not much else has been mentioned, and the site has crashed under the strain of Baldur’s Gate fans clamouring to see what’s happening.

What we do know is that the game is being developed by Beamdog subsidiary, Overhaul Games, published by Atari, and will be released this summer.

Source: BaldursGate



  1. Err yay? I’m not sure what to make of it due to a lack of information. If it’s a remake of BG1 then i will be happy but if it’s a new game then not sure what to make of it as i’ve never heard of the dev before.

  2. I really want it to be the PS2 games redone. Doesn’t even need to be HD remake. Just release those beauties onto the PSN to download and I’ll be chuffed to bits.

    • +1 to that!!!

    • Yep. Couldn’t agree more. I’d buy it instantly.

  3. Interesting! I played both Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 co-op with a mate (via LAN and sometimes 56k modem connection). Great times :)

    • amen brother, the golden age of gaming.

    • *sighs happily* ahh the good ol days

  4. “Enhanced” certainly makes it sound like it’s getting the HD treatment, rather than a new game.

  5. Never played a Baldur’s Gate game before but the enthusiasm surrounding the series has me very interested.

  6. great news :)

    link to the baldurs game site is broken :(

  7. This is so awesome!
    I have a full game boner right now!

    The game that made me like RPGs in the first place, the 10 year old inside me is extreamly happy right now. :D

    • Haaaa! ‘Full game boner’ made me dribble my pasta.

  8. The site is up, but slow.

    Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 will get enhanced editions, no other details yet though.

  9. I’d like a remake of the Dark Alliance games, with an updated version of the game engine, like War in the North.

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