New Uncharted Teaser Appears, Won’t Be Linked To A Game

Interestingly, Sony Norway’s Facebook wall has posted an odd looking photo of Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen, with the (translated) word ‘unexplored’ across his eyes.

Visiting a domain – (uutforsket is ‘unexplored’ in Norwegian) – presents some kind of teaser page, with a big (and slightly amateur-looking) date stamped across it in that typeface that everyone seems to be using: 22nd of March.


I wouldn’t expect too much, the last time Sony did this it was for a social gaming thing – – and certainly didn’t preempt any kind of new videogame announcement.  More likely a real-life treasure hunt / competition affair.

And that’s even if it’s real – the HTML source shows that the developer has tried to use a local link on his Mac for the page’s favicon, which seems a little bit odd.  I’ll let you have a look.

Via VG247.



  1. I’d bet that it’s hinting at an online “treasure-hunt” sort of thing, where you have to solve some challenges and then you can enter a competition in the end.

    Why? The Danish Sony Facebook page had the exact same event some time ago (before release of U3 I think) at :)

    • lol, maybe I should learn to read. You actually did mention… :)

  2. Well that’s a nice birthday present from Playstation Norway.
    I hope it’s all over Norway and not just on Christiania (Oslo) as the map says.

  3. Maybe it will be some Uncharted Home content. That is what we are all hoping for. Right?

  4. Could be many things I guess, wouldn’t have anything to do with movie or as it been cancelled?

  5. I completed the treasure hunt a few minutes ago, and have a chance to win a PlayStation Vita.

  6. It’s defiantly just the Norwegian version of the social treasure hunt . The danish version had the same look and intro.

  7. Nice birthday for me off Sony Norway even tho I’m not Norwegian

  8. It could be related to the film but i think Sony films would be doing the marketing for it. I hope it’s not an annoucment of an annoucement of an annoucement of an UC facebook game that is also followed by an announcement.

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