Rumour: Prey 2 Has Been Cancelled

According to some reports Bethesda will be officially announcing the cancellation of Prey 2 next week.

According to PS Focus, via VG24/7, sources have told the site that Prey 2 has “largely disappeared.” This follows stories that Bethesda had cancelled developer conferences at GDC regarding the game.


I reached out to Bethesda who replied with a short sentence; “Thanks for reaching out. We’re not commenting on this story.”

The fact that Bethesda won’t comment could mean that this is all a bunch of nonsense, or the rumours about an official announcement of cancellation next week are true and Bethesda won’t be drawn on making a statement until that time.

I have also contacted Human Head Studios, developers of Prey 2, but as of this time have received no reply.



  1. Needs more reaching out.

    • My arms are aching from all that reaching out…

    • I can do reach-arounding?

  2. Really, REALLY hope this is not true.

  3. Yeah would be shocking if this was the case…

  4. Noooooo! Hope not, the E3 video was amazing!

    • The video from E3 was the highlight of the show for me! will be utterly gutted if this is true

  5. Lack of comment sounds more ominous than not. If Prey 2 wasn’t being shelved, then surely they’d just come out and refute the stories, wouldn’t they? It’s not like the game would gain or lose anything from saying “Nope, you’re wrong. It’s still in development.”

  6. It looked pretty decent, I hope this isn’t the case. I honestly cant look past May 15 though with Diablo III I think that will be a massive time sink for my brother and I.

  7. What? Please no.

  8. Read this and had to go back and re-watch the trailer. Hope its not cancelled :(

  9. “We’re not commenting on this story.”

    That’s pretty much confirmation, surely? Otherwise, why would they not simply say, “No, of course not – that’s nonsense!”

    • That’s my suspicion but until some concrete information either way we can only speculate.

  10. A major surprise. Can’t say I really liked the look of it but even so, I wonder why they sacrificed it?

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