More Titles Added To PSN Spring Sale

Sony’s already listed a good chunk of their Spring Sale, but today they’ve added more – the content will go cheap tomorrow during the normal PSN Store Update.

The sale will last for seven days.

Old Price (€) New Price(£) Old Price (€) New Price (£)
Akimi Village € 9.99 £7.99 €5.99 £4.79
DC Universe Online – 30 Day Sub € 12.99 £9.99 €9.99 £7.99
Free Realms – 30 Day Sub € 4.99 £3.99 €3.99 £3.19
Gripshift € 9.99 £7.99 €1.99 £1.59
High Stakes On the Vegas Strip € 9.99 £7.99 €1.99 £1.59
Midnight Club Los Angeles
Complete Edition
€ 24.99 £19.99 € 17.99 £13.99
Payday: The Heist € 16.99 £12.99 €9.99 £7.99
Plants Vs Zombies € 14.99 £11.99 €8.99 £7.29
Red Dead Redemption € 29.99 £23.99 € 21.99 £17.49
Red Dead Redemption
& Undead Nightmare Bundle
€ 39.99 £31.99 € 29.99 £19.99
Rochard € 9.99 £7.99 €6.99 £5.49
Sideway New York € 9.99 £7.99 €6.99 £5.49
Slam Bolt Scrappers € 14.99 £11.99 €9.99 £7.99
Swords and Soldiers € 7.99 £6.49 €4.99 £3.99


  1. Akimi, Sideway and Rochard all seem like good games with nice prices. Akimi Village is interesting

  2. Meh – Still pretty underwhelmed by this actually.

    • Same. Especially when you compare some of these to what you get in Motorstorm RC.

      • Yeah, i’m kinda disappointed by it to be a fair – For something specifically titled as ‘Spring Sale’ (which brings to mind ‘Spring Cleaning’ or maybe even a ‘Spring Clearout’), these deals in some cases are on a par with the usual special offers & some are actually worse!

        Which is fine, just don’t label it differently i guess.

        I of course don’t feel like they owe me anything, but these deals aren’t going to tempt me into clicking on the download button i’m afraid.

  3. I’m interested in Swords and Soliders as it has move support, no idea if it’s any good though.

    • Have it Steam, found it to be dull.

      • Ok, thanks. I’ll do some more research first before buying then.

    • You should try the demo.

  4. I think its finally time for me to pick up Red Dead. Already got £5 credit in my wallet so this is a pretty sweet deal!

    Gonna be a good boy though and do 1,000 more words of my essay before I play though. Luckily my essay is on videogames.

    • RDR is an amazing game, I’d still pay full RRP for it, it’s that good! Enjoy!

  5. The table format is awful when you look at it, confusing make LISTS!!!

    • especially when the columns are mixed up! there are 2 for new price in pounds and 2 for old price in euros!

  6. Messed up titles of lists lol. Too expensive.

    • Aye. Think the “New Price(£)” needs swapping to “Old Price(£)”.

      Good to see Sony adding more to the discount/sale list but they really do need to give us a few gems (which Steam does admirably throughout the year).

  7. Plants vs Zombies is tempting at £7.29 but still! :O

  8. nice few things I want on there.

  9. At least they are trying. A few thngs on there are tempting should I find myself with a few extra £’s.

  10. I think Sony should ask Valve about how to price things during a sale. Red Dead Redemption, for example, is still cheaper from Amazon than it is during this “sale”..

    • is that not up to rockstar really?

    • Sony could learn a bit more than just pricing from Valve, they have perfected digital distribution.

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