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Look, it’s a slow news day, everyone else is off eating hot cross buns and buying chocolate eggs. Some of the UK’s videogame news sites aren’t even “open” today. So this post is a little out of the ordinary.

Basically, I wanted to let everyone know that Fallout is currently available for free at That’s the original Fallout RPG that Black Isle Studios made, not the fancy schmanchy first/third person action RPG that Bethesda turned the series into. It’s old now, of course, and it might take a bit of adjusting to but it will give newer Fallout fans, who may have joined the series late, an awesome history lesson. It also happens to be effing great.


It’s for Windows PCs only but it should run on just about anything with a working screen and a post-98 Microsoft OS so well worth your bandwidth.

So there you go, a post which is probably as “NOT NEWS” as you like, but something worth knowing anyway. I’ll get back to trying to convince everyone silly enough to give me their phone number that it would be a good idea to stop what they’re doing and deliver me some hot cross buns.

Source: (and pointed out by several TSA members).



  1. Tis worth it. Although, you will need some patience as it’s turned based and you need to plan every battle i think. So you can’t go rambo on every super mutant you see. Also, there is a time limit but it is explained via the main plot and if you take a long time, bad things will happen.

    Oh and i think Fallout 1 requires you to drink, sleep and eat in game but i think it may be optional. Also, you can see where Beth got the VATs idea from. Oh and the BOS are not the knights in shining power armour, as they are a***holes.

    Shame that Fallout 3 wasn’t a Fallout game, imo. Still good but New Vegas is closer to a Fallout game. :)

    Oh and avoid the motherfecking Deathclaws as they are fecking deadly, if you thought they were bad in F3 &NV, these are worst. I think. :) At least there are no f*cking cazadors in this one. :D

    • Oh and you can be a right evil sod as you can kill kids. Although the EU version has censored that but if you look around the net, you can find the patch to uncensor it. In fact, if you need any help, with the game, feel free to ask me as i’m TSA’s resident Fallout Expert. As well as the crazy resident as well.

      • Heheh, kids are humans like the rest of us, it shouldn’t be anymore shocking o_o

    • Deathclaws were poor blind kittens in New Vegas.

  2. cool, i’ve never played the original, i love all the bonus content they have as well.

    thanks for posting this, as a fan of the series, mostly since fallout 3, though i did play the Baldurs Gate like fallout game on ps2, i’ve always wanted to try the earlier games.

  3. Good way to get more fans into their world. Nice touch.

  4. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I downloaded it yesterday and rushed to tell everyone i no. I completed Fallout 3 and New Vegas and this will be my best chance to play the original

  6. is the game locked to the account u have to make to download it?

    • I dont think so, i just typed in my email and clicked download… no card details or anything like that and it goes on ur desktop..unlike a steam library.

      • ok nice=) i thought it was going to be like a steam library and the game was locked to the site!
        thx man=)

  7. Awesome thanks :D
    Grabbed Beneath a Steel Sky too!

  8. I believe Fallout 1, 2 and tactics were up for free on the Interplay website about a year or 2 ago I don’t know if it would still be there.

  9. Picked this up last night, GOG are brilliant, it wasn’t long ago they gave away Empire Earth for free too.

    • WHAT?! I can’t believe I missed that! Loved Empire Earth in the past!

  10. Thanks for the heads up, got myself Ultima IV too nice.

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