What We Played #47

My Capital Wasteland adventure finally ended this week. With all the main story quests and the DLC complete my Fallout 3 Blu-ray has been consigned to the shelf probably never to see the insides of my PS3 again.

Not that I had done all there was to be done in DC’s irradiated surrounds or grown tired of all the little vignettes the designers have scattered across them. Indeed there are another couple of dozen locations left unexplored according to the map.


What made me glad to have finally completed all the main and DLC quests was the shear number of crashes I was experiencing towards the end, their frequency growing in lock-step with my save game file. Not to mention the utterly crippling ‘rim-lag. When crashes and lag are making you change the way that you are playing a game it’s time to quit. The fun it hath ceased.

I’ll be spending a while in decontamination before I hit my ultimate edition of Fallout: New Vegas. Other than a little bit of solo shredding on Rock Band 3 (isn’t RB:Blast great news! I loved RB:Unplugged and prequels Amplitude and Frequency) that’s been it for my gaming this week.

[drop2]Blair’s been following doctor’s orders and consuming tablet-ised gaming with the addictive medicine coming in Triple Town, Tiny Tower and Angry Birds Space flavours. Away from the various forms of dressed-up finger-painting he’s been hitting the Carnival in the company of MotorStorm RC.

You may have caught Peter soaring across the site’s front page to drop a review of the “slightly underwhelming combat flight sim” Birds of Steel. While not unenjoyable the core dogfighting has not proved compelling enough to tempt him back since the review though thoughts of playing in the mission editor mean a return remains on the cards.

He’s also ruining a virtual walk by playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. At the time of writing he’s not spent a great deal of time with it but says that it seems “a lot like last year’s Tiger Woods game except you’ve got to be more careful throwing the left stick around”. He promises to let us know in the review whether the game is livened up by an alien invasion, orcish rebellion or off-green adultery.

Dan has been playing CENSORED and says that it is CENSORED and CENSORED to play. Which contrasts nicely with Tuffcub’s openness about his failure to play any Killzone 3 this week. The lad must be ill. He has managed a little twin-stick action with hubby Super Stardust Delta though.

Still plugging away at the joys and otherwise that Free-2-Play offers Jim is still free-loading in Wrath of Heroes but suspects it might part him from some pennies before too long. Another F2P title Blacklight: Retribution, the sequel to Tango Down which made little impression, “is free, accessible, and looks great”.

On consoles the only game I’ve had time for is Warriors Orochi 3, the third instalment in KOEI’s cross-over series. Despite having put hundreds of hours into the Warriors franchise, there’s just enough fresh content here to keep me engaged, not to mention the insane roster of over 120 playable characters, each with their own unique weapons and upgrades. If anything, I’m sure a Guinness World Record is in the wings for the team at Omega Force.

After three games and now the revitalised HD collection Aran is no closer to finding out whether Beelzebub will or will not shed a tear. What he can tell us though is that the Devil May Cry HD Collection has been sufficiently fun for him to continue playing even though his review is complete.

He reports that “the fun gameplay is intact and the games are just as good as the first time I played them”. Devil May Cry 3 gets singled out for extra praise with Aran citing it as one of his favourite games of last gen and telling me that it “looks good” following its HD spruce up.

That’s us, so what about you?



  1. Aint really played much of the ps3 or vita this wek been too busy but played some trine 2 & Shank 2 love that game shank the comic book like concept would so work on the vita, they should bring it to the vita.

  2. Fighting games & a lot of them. SSF4 AE, SF X TK, KoF XIII (& iOS version), UMvC3 & others.

    Also bought recently Asura’s Wrath, Warriors Orochi 3, Twisted Metal, Blazblue CSE, DmC HD, NUNSG, I AM ALIVE & DLC for UMvC3 (Jill & Shuma) & DW7 DLC so for the next few months atleast i should be ok XD.

    Played alot of MW3 recently trying for platinum before my mate sends his copy back to lovefilm & i’m kinda addicted to infection mode & other community game modes IW added in :D.

  3. This week my PS3 gaming has been pretty much exclusively Ridge Racer Unbounded except for a brief blast through the Carnival dlc for Motorstorm RC (thanks again TSA).On the Vita it’s been pretty much just Everybody’s Golf.

  4. Killzone 3 (Platinum), Saw, Enslaved, Journey (<3) 100% trophies, MotorStorm RC 100% trophies and tried the latest DLC map on MW3. And gave a (very) little helping hand in Trine 2.

    I wish the Bolt Gun in Killzone 3 could be unlocked in multiplayer, that gun is awesome!

    I'm away next week so hope to play lots of Vita, mainly Uncharted: GA and Wipeout 2048!

  5. ME3 multiplayer, I started an insanity run on ME2 as well…what a nightmare. On the PC i’m currently playing Fall of the Samurai. Very enjoyable.

  6. Played Sly Racoon (platinumed it) got to be the quickest and easiet platinum i have ever done but all in all an awesome game,Played a few matches on Fifa Street,Trine 2 which i just cannot get into! but also had an attempt at my Pile Of Shame games trying out Mafia 2,Avatar and Vanquish all seem pretty good! but over the Weekend i will be delving into I Am Alive,shank 2 and Shift 2

    • I know what you mean about Trine 2, I was surprised at how average it was considering a lot of people seemed to be anticipating it (going by comments on the weekly store update articles over the last few months). Still, it was free and was easy enough to Platinum!

      • I enjoyed Trine 2 but nothing special. Still have Sly yet to download, only 25% on it done, same for Shift 2. Should be playing them next week, and will have hopefully finished I Am Alive.

  7. Platted Trine 2 :) Have also bought I Am Alive which is really good so far.

    • I think I will get ‘I am alive’, it looks very good in spite of quite average reviews…

      • I can see why it has got average reviews. Bit of a hit and miss

  8. Played Mass Effect 2, finally, as the demo back then really put me off. The story is quite good so far, handling the character in fights sometimes is a pain, flying the shuttle thing on the planets even more so, and the graphics sometimes is quite bad. My overall experience so far is ok, but I still cannot understand all the hype…

    • I thought Mass Effect 2 was a fantastic game only issue for me was save files disapearing! but shame your having problems with it truely awesome game!

      • Maybe I just need a bit longer to get used to controls and stuff for this one. The story keeps me going so far, there is still hope… ;o)

    • I remember the demo released last year for it. Was dreadful!

      • Me too i actually only bought the game this december literally a year on because i thought the demo was god awful but i picked ME2 up brand new for just uner £10 on ebay and after playing it i was abit gutted i waited a year to play it

  9. Finished all the bounties on uncharted GA so got my well deserved platinum.Still trying to shave time off for motorstorm RC lol, and a bit of jak 2which i cant quite get into despite loving the precursor legacy.

  10. Playing Twisted Metal which I’m loving, surprising really because I hated the beta. Also Ridge Racer Unbounded, everything you expect from the franchise with added destruction. Replaced my copy of Dantes Inferno but haven’t really gotten much further than were I left off last year.

    • How is Unbounded mate? i have read alot of negative reviews so im caught in 2 minds!

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