Tricky DLC Hinted At For SSX

I’ll spare you my thoughts on EA’s 2012 SSX release – Peter’s review is TSA’s official stance on the game – but it’s fair to say that it’s not nearly enough like Tricky.  In fact, it’s not like Tricky at all, and that makes it a bit rubbish.  The fact that I thought it was a bit rubbish anyway makes it more rubbish.  Especially for an SSX game.


But, whatever, I’m ruining my thought sparing.

The point is that the game only hints at past titles here and there, but news has hit the TSA Towers late night news desk that suggests this is about to change.  Tricky DLC is – most likely – on the way, even if it’s currently only limited to costumes for the characters, and not – say – decent handling, decent track design, and decent music.


So what’s happening?  Well, jigsaw pieces have started to appear, and when you put them all together they start to form a big picture (that’s normally how these puzzles work, I know) which suggests EA have got some DLC lined up that’s aimed at long term fans of the series.  You can see the current progress in the image above.



  1. I share your view on this Alex, I may be tempted to buy it though if the DLC splits the game into a more retro side

    • Such a shame the on on the PSN is SSX On Tour an not SSX3 or Tricky… Still, at £7.99 it’s much better than this condescending experience.

  2. It seriously needs a properly multiplayer mode! In fact, it’s pretty much died after the first month, an 8 player proper online would’ve seriously lengthened its life. Bloody shame & wasted opportunity :(

  3. My problem with 3 was that the whole “open world/off piste” thing was nowhere near as fun as the adrenalin rush of Tricky. Granted I haven’t played the new SSX, but from that trailers that was the impression I got of this game. More 3 than Tricky. And that’s why it wasn’t an early purchase for me, and is still sitting on my “to buy” list.

  4. Encouraged by some recent comments i’ve read, i went and bought this today, half price luckily. I played for around 90 mins and so far it’s ok in places but nothing like the game i would have liked it to be. If the dlc has courses from Tricky i’ll be interested – at a reasonable price.

  5. Oh god, that was the review I wrote two different times, whilst heavily medicated and delirious with flu. I’d completely forgotten about it.

  6. I must be the only person whose never played Tricky, I joined the series at 3 and thought On Tour was a jarring departure at first but then grew to love it. I also love the new SSX, I’d like to see older tracks and multiplayer races, but maybe that can wait for a whole new game.

    My major worry with the current SSX is that it’ll be seriously boring in a few years when no ones playing anymore. The Rider Net formula works right now, but by design it can’t really endure, unlike all of the other SSX games.

  7. I know several people, including myself who would have bought this at release if it had split screen and/or been more like Tricky.

    Now I’ll just wait for the whole lot of DLC to come out on disc and pick it up out of the bargain bin.

  8. I agree with the author and most of the comments here. I gotta say, I’ve bought the game, and while I’ve enjoyed it more than I did SSX3 (for the two hours I’ve played it so far) a costume pack really isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to saving the SSX franchise at this point.

  9. Says he’ll spare you his thoughts on SSX. Gives his thoughts anyway.

    • You do not want to see his thoughts in full.

  10. I’ll happily buy this. Bring in Luther, Marty along with some vintage costumes. Maybe even a few classic tracks, and a proper multiplayer mode and you’ve got me handing over some cash.

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