Sony To Talk About Events After God Of War III “Soon”

Ascension might a prequel to the first God Of War but that doesn’t mean Sony won’t revisit the lineage after the ending of God of War III. Speaking on Twitter, game director Todd Papy has hinted that such discussion won’t be too far away, either.

“We will talk about that soon,” he said when asked why they didn’t opt to continue the story after God of War III. “You’ll just need to have some patience with us,” he said, using a wink emoticon.


He also confirmed that the earlier leak wasn’t intentional by Sony. “It was a leak,” he said, “but you have to roll with it.” It’s believed that the reveal today wasn’t meant to happen until this afternoon, but the slip up by Amazon pushed Sony into making the Blog posts go live earlier than planned.

Ascension is currently scheduled for late 2013.



  1. Thank you for getting Mr. Papy’s name correct.

    *shakes fist at PS blog*

  2. Late 2013? FFS. Capcom are doin it rite, announce a game 6 months before release.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like the God of War games (though part2 is the only one I’d consider ‘excellent’ to be fair…) but I’m always surprised by the focus on storyline. Surely its as simple as:

    (Kratos + godly powers + + betrayal + massive paddy) x5 = God of War series

  4. 1. Kratos has reached a satisfactory end… Anything else and it’s akin to Toy Story 4, they ended perfectly so leave them at that!
    2. Late 2013? What the holy fuck. I can feel the Rage Of Sparta building in me now.

    • Satisfactory end? You did watch the short snippet after the credits?

      Kratos wasn’t still lying there in a pool of his own innards…… So where did he go go go? Thats what we want to know know know! :P

      • Yeah. It’s done!
        Everyone’s dead, Kratos got his revenge… the trilogy has ended & that ‘mystery’ like the spinning top totem in Inception is perfect.

  5. FFS, just let Kratos’s story end with 3. He has killed every god! EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFECKING GOD! The prequel is ok, but no more games with Kratos in. Move onto a different period. Such as Vikings and their gods.

    If it’s a book that covers what happens after it, i won’t mind as long as it’s only the one book. And as long as it doesn’t consist of Kratos killing the reader.

  6. So still GOW4 for PS4 then………

    • Same could have been said about GoW2 on PS2

  7. Wow, they are really milking this cow. The words “one trick pony” come to mind…
    GoWA will come out towards the end of 2013? By then everyone will be focussed on the PS4…

  8. PS4 please bet stig is directing that one.

  9. My fav game series even tho Kratos is a boring character and 1 dimensionel and his best game was a prequel.
    So could we see COOP with his brother Deimos or even a spartan soldier, wasnt they hiring someone for multiplayer?

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