First PES 2013 Teaser Video Is Out

Here’s the first teaser for PES 2013. It seems to be a trailer for a trailer which is out on the 24th of April. What next, a press release to announce an upcoming press release? Oh no, we already have those. The games industry is a bit insane.

Still, here’s the world’s second best footballer promoting the world’s second best football game. Oooh, controversial.


On a more serious note, PES was always a much better game than its competitors on PSP so hopefully we’ll see a top notch Vita version of this game.

Source: YouTube



  1. Does real Cristiano become digital Cristiano at the end there? I always think he looks a little bit like he’s made of rubber anyway so it’s hard to tell.

    • and yes, I am commenting on my own news posts. And replying to my own comments. What of it?

      • I think you have been spending waaaay too much time in that dark office of yours down in the basement. Seriously, why do you keep refusing to use Alex’s old office? I can’t keep the staff away from it forever you know!

    • I don’t think so. If he does, it’s incredible CG.

      • I thought he did, but as Peter said, rubber man.

  2. I have a horrible feeling that they’ll completely redo the engine for Vita and break the game, so I’m just hoping they do a PSP release of this one…

  3. If you pass over momentum/scripting issues -which is a silly thing to do- of FIFA 12, yes it’s the second best football game.

  4. I cant stand pro anymore, I love the series but pro12 jsut ruined everything for me

  5. Looking forward to this, as I probably alternate my annual football purchases going forward.

    The last PES has some weird physics problem and although I much preferred FIFA12 the almost total lack of training, coaching & management options means the game ultimately becomes quite shallow sooner rather than later, unless you have people you can play locally with on a regular basis.

  6. I love PES, but that was a seriously crap trailer, even for a teaser. This weather is making me moody :(

  7. “the world’s second best footballer promoting the world’s second best football game”

    Awesome quote, still laughing. :P

    Despite being a huge FIFA fan, I was on the fence about 12 and then decided to not buy it. Why? Because the game is still cr*p from a single player PoV. I’d rather buy PES just for its master league, too bad the game is really bad in comparison.

    Football Manager is still the way to go, if you want an amazing single player football experience..

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