Skype Soon To Be In Development For Xbox

When Microsoft bought Skype last year, there were all sorts of silly assumptions that it would mean the VoIP service’s withdrawal from platforms like iOS and Sony’s hardware. Of course, shrinking a user base is never a good idea and the world’s leading video call service has remained on all the platforms it resided.

Now, it seems, it’s going to a new platform – Xbox. This was also a possibility posited in the wake of the buyout last year and, given Microsoft’s recent love affair with their Kinect camera array, always seemed like a foregone conclusion.


A job listing has gone up on the Microsoft Careers site, looking for an Engineering Manager at Xbox for Skype. The role is in London and places heavy emphasis on a small team and a “startup mentality”.

It’s unclear whether this role is for the current Xbox platform – perhaps as a Kinect app – or if it’s for the imminent (but unannounced) new generation of hardware.

Source: Microsoft Careers



  1. Maybe Skype Dancing will be the main feature where you ‘dance’ on a virtual phone number pad or keyboard (like those ‘old-fashioned’ dance mats we used to love before people forgot about them and thought the Wii introduced moving whilst gaming). You have to try and step on the numbers you want to dial/spell the person’s name keeping in rhythm with the ‘hold’ music playing softly over your TVs speakers.

  2. Seems a tad bit pointless as the 360 already has cross game chat and i’ve heard the voice quality on the 360 is pretty decent. I suppose if someone wanted to catch up with someone, they would use Skype on the 360.

    Wonder if it will be free or if it will be behind the Golden paywall?

    • It won’t be used for in game chat, it’ll just be a another feature. Plus it’ll let you call people who don’t have a 360. Lots of TVs have it built in now, so it’s not that shocking. Only issue is the camera quality isn’t amazing on Kinect.

      • Kinect camera quality is at least the equal of decent webcams, isn’t it? Certainly better than any skype video call I’ve seen on a PC. I think Facetime is the best quality I’ve seen for this stuff but that’s a closed system, isn’t it?

      • I’ll certainly refrain from criticising Kinect’s camera quality when we still suffer with the PS Eye and the equivalently bad cameras in the PS Vita.

  3. Nice, but develop it for PS3/4 as well and please don’t delay it.

    • Are you seriously suggesting that Microsoft develop something for Sony’s platform??? :O

      I mean i suppose it could happen in some bizarre future where cross platform is actually a ‘thing’ outside of Portal 2, but i think microsoft would probably want a ridculous amount of money for it like 100 billion dollars *puts pinkie to mouth*

  4. If you could run this, chat to people on skype and play games at the same time so you can talk to skype friends, i think this would be the best app to come out on xbox as i havnt used most others

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