Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – First Footage

Super All-Star Smash Royale Bros. Battle
Sony has, via GTTV, shown off their Smash Bros-esque fighting game. Whilst we’re hoping for a proper reveal later today, enjoy the first footage of PlayStation All-Stars below.


From the vid it’s clear there are obvious references to the Nintendo game, but this features four player online, much more animated levels and also features some third party characters.

This is the (terribly kept secret) SuperBot developed fighter that everyone’s been hyping for some time now – does it tickle your tastebuds?



  1. Dear Gametrailers TV,

    You are not Michael Bay, you are not a pop video for Pitbull, for fucking fucks sake stop cutting the a new shot every FUCKING second.

    I cant see what the fuck is going on.


    V. GrumpyBear.

    • Out the wrong side of bed or really excited for the game?

  2. Proper trailer – – Not impressed tbh, was expecting a Streetfighter/Mortal Kombat type thing, not cutesy Kratos skipping about the screen.

  3. I do remember playing the GameCube game and enjoying it. I’m sure I’ll pick this up when it comes out.

  4. looks fun.

  5. Looks like I’m the only person who hasn’t got a clue what they’re trying to do here. Simplistic 1 screen button basher with playstation characters and backgrounds? Is this about it?

    • Yep, that’s exactly what I see.

  6. Looks boring, not my kind of game.

  7. I hope they put Dante from dante’s inferno in this game so kratos can beat him up for trying rip off his game, it would be nice if also they had the gears of war guys in the game so kratos can beat them for trying claim the GOW name

    Cool trailer can’t wait

    • Dante can fight back too… but must fight the other Dante because Devil May Cry competes with both Gow and Inferno too. :)

  8. Yawn, where’s the innovation?

  9. I love super smash bros. on my wii, it was fun, easy to play and I kept going back to it. This is the sort of game you play when you need a break from heavy story lines and hard boss battles :)

  10. Looks well good:P I love the backgrounds to:D
    + i love to know what the full character list is? I hope ‘Clank(&Ratchet)’ and ‘Drake’ and ‘Sack-boy’ are in it to? from day 1(please no DLC characters) :-/ But saying that i would buy some characters, i couldn’t stop myself i bet:D

    • Do you hate it then? As the :p smiley usually means you are joking.

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