Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – First Footage

Super All-Star Smash Royale Bros. Battle
Sony has, via GTTV, shown off their Smash Bros-esque fighting game. Whilst we’re hoping for a proper reveal later today, enjoy the first footage of PlayStation All-Stars below.


From the vid it’s clear there are obvious references to the Nintendo game, but this features four player online, much more animated levels and also features some third party characters.

This is the (terribly kept secret) SuperBot developed fighter that everyone’s been hyping for some time now – does it tickle your tastebuds?



  1. Yay, Patapon.

    Neh… waiting. >.>

  2. Who’s going to be the final boss? Who’s the biggest baddie on Playstation?

    Just watched the Game Trailers episode with this- the game seems mighty impressive.
    It’s out this year (Holiday Season 2012), has offline, online and single-player.
    Features Sony owned AND third party characters.
    Also, the characters special moves actually are well, special, eg. the Killzone character goes into a first person shooter mode, Sly can call his friends to help, etc.

    Arenas are mashed up- they can also give bonuses, eg. Buzz popping up and asking a multiple choice question, correct answer gets the bonus.

    Really excited for it after seeing more, wasn’t too fussed either way before.

  3. Just had an amazing idea! They should have Kevin Butler as a playable character!

  4. Great selection in characters, I love games like Super Smash, it’s the ultimate party game, you can call all your friends over and have a fun thrilled night, without having to wait for the controller. I really like the animations that they have going during their maps, adds a lot of depth to the environment. Looks like I’m going to be picking up a new game this weekend.

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