Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – First Footage

Super All-Star Smash Royale Bros. Battle
Sony has, via GTTV, shown off their Smash Bros-esque fighting game. Whilst we’re hoping for a proper reveal later today, enjoy the first footage of PlayStation All-Stars below.


From the vid it’s clear there are obvious references to the Nintendo game, but this features four player online, much more animated levels and also features some third party characters.

This is the (terribly kept secret) SuperBot developed fighter that everyone’s been hyping for some time now – does it tickle your tastebuds?



  1. look superb, I mean it doesn’t tickle my tastebuds, more like tickling my testes…..bring it on.

  2. Pretty sure theres a Patapon backdrop in that lot. Look forward to seeing how this one turns out

  3. That looks brilliant. Smash Bros is awesome so this is right up my street. Love the look of the backgrounds and hopefully they will have a great roster of old/new characters. Roll on E3.

  4. Had hoped it wouldn’t be a Super Mario Brawl clone. Would have prefered if it was a Mortal Kombat clone but with some elements from Brawl.

    I think i can see this being supported by the Move. Wonder if characters from franchises that have not been seen since the PS2 era will be in this game?

  5. Looks good! i wasn’t intrested until this video but now i am!

  6. Looks good, not sure if it’s for me but certainly looks the part.

  7. Fantastic! Love the art style and the fact it’s not too serious like Mortal Combat or games like that.
    This should bring in the ‘casuals’ and the ‘hardcore’ groups.

    I will be picking this up as soon as it’s out which I read will be in December of this year!

  8. I loves Super Smash Bros. I’m sure I’ll love this too!

  9. I’m glad they captured the essence….

  10. I literally could not be more excited. I don’t care that it looks uncannily like Super Smash Bros, and I certainly don’t appreciate everybody pointing it out like they think they’re the only one that realises it. This is clearly a celebration of Sony’s heritage with a tried and true formula to get everybody excited, but with enough differences (AWESOME stages :D) to stand out.

    I want to play this game now. And if they include Crash, Jak and Ratchet in the roster, it’s an insta-buy.

    • I’m far more excited for it being an accessible game than some inaccessible fighter.

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