TSA E3 Bingo 2012

Get your dabbers out.

Welcome to TSA’s fourth annual E3 Bingo. In 4 weeks time on Monday June 4th, 18:00 PDT (UTC-7 if you want to convert to your local time zone or Tuesday June 5th, 02:00 BST here in the UK) Sony representatives will take to a stage at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena for their E3 press conference.

The E3 event itself runs for the 3 days of June 5-7th. It feels like it has been a much quieter build-up to this year’s E3 than it has for the last few but now Sony have got their hype train rolling others will surely follow suit.

TSA E3 Bingo is your chance to join us in having a little bit of fun at guessing some of the things that might happen over those 96 hours in L.A. Just the E3-related happenings though, we don’t  care who’s stalking which celebrity, which celebrity has just gone into rehab or who is having whose baby.

The Game

Okay, here is how to play along. Below is a list of 60 things that may, or may not, be announced, shown or happen during this year’s E3 and associated press conferences. The idea is to play a kind of bingo with them. To join in simply pick 12 items from the list that you think will be announced or shown at E3. Then email me ([email protected]) the numbers of your chosen 12 items.

The winner(s) will be the person (or people) with the most correctly selected entries. We are just playing for fun so what you could win is kudos from the community and the satisfaction of knowing that you guessed better than everyone else, including the staff if it is anything like previous years. Yes, the staff are playing along too and we will let you know our picks before the show.

The Rules

You must be a TSA member to enter and only your first entry will count. Make sure the subject of your email is “TSA E3 Bingo 2012” and be sure to include your TSA ID. Any entries with more than 12 items listed or no TSA ID will be excluded. Your email entry must reach me by 23:59 BST (UTC+1) on Friday 11th May 2012. No entries will be accepted after that time.

The Picks

The list for you to pick from is broken up into categories mainly just for convenience and readability. Some of the categories have additional qualifiers as to when some or all of the entries in that category will count, so make sure you read carefully.

Sony Press Conference (These can only happen during Sony’s press conference to count)

1. Kazunori Yamauchi appears on-stage to talk about Gran Turismo Vita.

2. Kazunori Yamauchi plays Gran Turismo Vita on stage.

3. New The Last Guardian trailer or gameplay footage shown.

4. The Last Guardian played on stage.

5. Dylan Jobe appears on stage to talk about Starhawk.

6. Starhawk trailer or gameplay footage shown.

7. Sorcery trailer or gameplay footage shown.

8. Sorcery played on stage.

9. The Last of Us trailer or gameplay footage shown.

10. The Last of Us played on stage.

11. Dust 514 trailer or gameplay footage shown.

12. Kevin Butler DOES make an appearance.

13. Kevin Butler DOES NOT make an appearance.

14. PlayStation 3 160GB console MSRP dropped to $199.99 ($50 cheaper than now).

15. PS Vita Wi-Fi only model MSRP dropped to $199.99 ($50 cheaper than now).

PS3 Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

16. Killzone 4 trailer or gameplay footage shown.

17. Gran Turismo 6 trailer or gameplay footage shown.

18. Agent trailer or gameplay footage shown.

19. At least a tentative release window (season & year or better) announced for Agent.

20. Sorcery is playable on the show floor.

21. The Last Guardian is playable on the show floor.

22. The Last of Us is playable on the show floor.

23. Zone of the Enders HD trailer of gameplay footage shown.

24. Ni No Kuni trailer or gameplay footage shown.

25. Dust 514 release date announced (better than the Q3 2012 we already know).

PS Vita Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

26. New PS Vita Final Fantasy title announced.

27. New PS Vita Syphon Filter title announced.

28. New PS Vita Monster Hunter title announced.

29. New PS Vita Killzone title named and shown.

30. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale announced for PS Vita.

31. PS Vita PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale supports cross-platform play with PS3.

32. New PS Vita Metal Gear Solid title announced.

33. Call of Duty game for the PS Vita is named and shown.

34. Warrior’s Lair (née Ruin) release date announced.

35. Dust 514 PS Vita functionality shown.

Microsoft & 360 Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3, except 36-40)

36. A new Kinect game featuring dancing is played at Microsoft’s press conference.

37. Crytek’s Ryse played at Microsoft’s press conference.

38. New Xbox 360 announced at Microsoft’s press conference that has no DVD-ROM drive.

39. Xbox 360′s successor announced at Microsoft’s press conference.

40. Xbox-branded, gaming-focused Windows Phone revealed at Microsoft’s press conference.

41. Milo returns from his time in the media wilderness to star in a new Lionhead game.

42. Forza Horizon trailer or gameplay footage shown.

43. Kinect Sports 3 trailer or gameplay footage shown.

44. Xbox 360 4GB MSRP dropped to $169.99 ($30 cheaper than now).

45. Xbox 360 Kinect plus game (e.g., Kinect Adventures) pack MSRP dropped to $129.99 ($20 cheaper than now).

Nintendo Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

46. Monster Hunter 4 trailer or gameplay footage shown.

47. Pikmin 3 trailer or gameplay footage shown.

48. Revealed, a 3DS can be used as a Wii U controller.

49. A side-scrolling Metroid game is announced for the 3DS.

50. Super Mario Galaxy 3 is one of the playable Wii U games.

51. Super Mario Galaxy 3 will be a Wii U launch title.

52. Aliens: Colonial Marines shown running on the Wii U highlighting using the tablet controller as the motion tracker.

53. Wii U Battlefield game (EA/DICE) trailer or gameplay footage shown.

54. Assassin’s Creed III Wii U trailer or gameplay footage shown.

55. Legend of Zelda Wii U game is teased or revealed.

Miscellaneous/Cross-platform E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

56. Valve officially reveal their ‘Steambox’ hardware.

57. Valve show a Half Life 3 trailer.

58. THQ reveal a new trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Insane (or inSANE/InSane/INSANE/IИSANE).

59. Thief 4 (Thi4f) trailer or gameplay footage shown.

60. EA announce Mirror’s Edge 2.

So there you have it, 60 ‘things’ that might happen as part of the E3 festivities of which you can only pick 12.

Remember that you only have until 23:59 BST (UTC+1) on Friday 11th May 2012 to get your email to me. Don’t forget to include your twelve numbers, your TSA ID and make sure that you get the subject correct (TSA E3 Bingo 2012).  If you cut’n’paste your list from the this post, please don’t take the numbers off.



  1. Wooo i love this.

  2. I’ve got a good feeling about the Last Guardian…

  3. *travels forward in time in order to cheat* What? You didn’t ban the use of time machines. :P

    Also, you forgot to mention the winner gets a free week with Elder Mike and he will do anything to you. Anything.;)

    Wonder if the luck of the Welsh will make it’s return?

    • Its certainly been missing as of late. Bout time the welsh got back on form.

      • Yeah we’ve been on a downer. Time to get back to winning ways.

    • I guess I’m on Team Wales?xD

  4. Yay!

    Love the obligatory mention of Mirror’s Edge 2. This must be the year!

  5. I would have liked to have seen some:

    “Character [X] is confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” type questions.

    • Same, or some God of War Ascension stuff. Still, there are some good things in there which means I’m already getting ready for E3!

  6. done! Love this.

  7. if gt6 is going to be announced then it’ll almost certainly be on ps4. since that wouldn’t be ps3 related would it still count?

    • There’s been two main GT games on each generation so far, so why not this time?

      • How about the development time of GT5?

      • kaz already said he was very much limited by the PS3 and that the premium cars had been designed for PS4. considering the likeliness of a winter 2013 release of the PS4 and how nearly everyone (including me) wants to see gt6 as a PS4 launch title and its Sony’s biggest first party “system seller” it’d be crazy to push it out this gen when clearly there’s little room for improvement in the graphics and car models. yes they could upgrade all cars to premium, add more tracks and improve on areas like the track creator but these would be more suited to patch’s and dlc surely?

      • @bmg, mos of the development time for gt5 was the new engine and 3d so it shouldn’t take anywhere near as much time.

  8. Sony announce cross game chat for PS3?

    • Hehe Sony already said it’s not possible due to memory constraints.

    • Liar!!

  9. I love E3 Bingo! entered now! I have a good feeling there will be some The Last of Us at E3

  10. If MGR is coming to Vita, does that count for number 32?

    • NO! Metal Gear Rising is never going to be accepted as a ‘Solid’ game by the fanboys. And by fanboys I mean me :P

      • ?
        Metal Gear Rising is a spin-off, you can continue to blindly hate it but its going to be amazing.

    • No, I’m specifically looking for new MGS titles.

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