LEGO “Lord Of The Rings” Game Leaked Via Toy Boxes (And Retailer)

It looks like Travellers Tales are working on a LEGO Lord Of The Rings game to go along with the new range of toys, not that this should be a surprise – we ran a story on this last year.

Hoewever, new images of the boxes for the toy seem to make the rumours a little more true.


“Bloggers and toy reviewers have been receiving early versions of the sets due out later this summer,” say trade site MCV, “and have posted pictures of the small packaging promos online.”

We’ve not seen these images ourselves yet, but apparently they “show logos for developer Traveller’s Tales and its parent Warner.”

Online retailer ShopTo also had a listing for the game (with placeholder art) suggesting the game is due out in October, as can be seen via the screengrab below.

The page has since been taken down, but it’s there in Google’s cache.

Via MCV, Twitter.



  1. whilst this is awesome, I wish they do more than 6 levels for each film. I personally feel that it is hard for the lego games to summarise the best parts of each franchise through 6 points. Plus I just want more to play! :p

    • I actually feel that the lego games do a cracking job of covering all of the necessary parts of the story (& making them entertaining). I don’t think that they need to expand on the formula (nor do i think they will), as why fix something that isn’t broken?

      I personally love lego games & as a result i have even branched out into franchises that i haven’t cared too much about before now.

    • the lotr films are about 8 hours combined aren’t they? if so i’d agree with posem that they need to be longer.

  2. there is a Vita version as well.

  3. oh god… “you shall not pass!”

    Seriously if its the same thing without a create mode since there is no excuse to not bother since its based on Lego. I’ve played Batman been annoyed with the controls will this be different?

    • I can just imagine the game saying that when your trying to connect to online features without an online pass.

    • I doubt thr controls will bemuch different symp – They are generally the same (or similar at least) from game to game.

  4. Love lego games, I cannot wait for this.

  5. LEGO Sauron FTW. Love all the LEGO games so far, and I’m sure this will be great.

  6. Another easy 1000gs then lol

  7. If this is as loving and knowing an homage as the other games, this could be very nice indeed.

  8. the fact is the new lego lotr toys were announced back in december and cover the hobbit movies as well, i have a feeling this is just shopto assuming they will make a game when there has been no confirmation and the fact lego batman 2 isnt out just yet i cant imagine we will see a game this year. its probably also worth mentioning that there wasnt a game tie in for lego prince of persia

    • Why would there be a lego game for PoP?

      • i was stating that when there is a lego product that ties in with a movie that you dont always get a game to go with it

      • Was there PoP lego (toys) was there? Did not know that.

        I can think of a couple of reasons there was no lego game though;

        Firstly, if it was based on the movie, there has only been the one movie, so not enough content to base it on (lego games are generally based on 4-6 movies).

        Secondly, PoP is licenced to Ubisoft isn’t it?

      • it was actually created as part of a multi year deal in conjunction with disney (who made the film) and as such they also released lego cars and lego toy story

      • So basically, it will all depend on where they decide to take the movies in the future & whether Ubi feel that PoP is a good fit for a lego game, as they do still hold the licence.

        Personally, i don’t feel that PoP would be a good fit for a lego game, as i am not sure how they would do the platforming that the series is renowned for.

  9. If it doesn’t end up being dull or bland then I guess its worth looking at, previous games just failed to impress. Really would like to see something like Littlebigplanet basically a create aspect rather than just a film/comic adaption.

    • Some games do have level editors – I seem to recall Lego Indiana Jones 2 having one… I think…?

    • Aw, if they did I tink it’ll add much more life to the games, Lego is about building I’m sure the PS3, Xbox plus other consoles are capable of it.

      • Yup, Lego Indy 2 & also Lego Harry Potter (just the years 1-4 version) so far.

  10. This should be quite good fun, the other lego games are great.

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