Portal 2 Map Creation Is Insanely Popular

Portal 2’s recent Perpetual Testing DLC is proving quite popular. In just a few days since its release on Tuesday, users have created a staggering 35,000 new test chambers for the game.

Of course, there’s no accounting for quality but as Blair noted earlier, this new easier method of creating maps makes it quick and simple to throw something together. Thankfully, Valve has made it just as simple to find, download and install the maps to your PC or Mac version of the game.


Created levels have apparently been downloaded 1.3 million times.

User generated content on the PC has been an active scene for some time but even so, 35,000 maps in just a few days seems like quite a high level of activity to me. Valve must be quite pleased with themselves too, they’re having a sale to celebrate.

Portal 2’s price has already been slashed and is available for around a fiver. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is being cut in price by 33% and many Team Fortress 2 goodies will be discounted by 50%.

It’s highly unlikely that the editor will ever make the leap to consoles but we can still dream that we’ll be given access to the created maps one day. Perhaps even in collated bundles showing off the best ones out there?

Source: Press release



  1. I don’t see why we can’t have access to created maps, Unreal tournament let you have user created maps on the PS3 and it was relatively easy to do so, albeit you needed to download to PC first.

    • I’d guess that Sony, and especially Microsoft, are more restrictive in the sort of thing they’ll allow users to download over their networks. There’s probably all sorts of licensing and stuff to get around and it may ultimately be more hassle than it’s worth for Valve – who are still very much PC developers.

      We can hope though :)

      • Not to mention the problem of someone building something that looks like a giant penis, Sony and Microsoft probably have stricter legal remifications for allowing such wonderful symbols of manliness. It is however commonly accepted in the games legal world that PC owners will make that sort of thing first, have a giggle, then move on.

      • I’d say there’s definitely hope.

        Given Portal 2 is cross-PS3/PC/Mac compatible & as carson321 has pointed out above, Unreal Tournament III has the ability to import user-generated PC content to the PS3…

      • Is it wrong that i want to play mcphatty’s penis level?? :S

      • I guess the pressure is on to construct a penile-portals level. Forrest, you’re welcome to play with it any time.

      • dont tell him that! he’s already into kinky thins with his PS3! http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2012/05/11/marvel-avengers-battle-for-earth-announced/

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