Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer Approaches Being Offensive

We’ve seen a lot of terrible trailers and games over the years when it comes to unnecessary sexualisation. Whether it’s a volleyball game in the Dead or Alive franchise or barely-armoured women in countless games that involve swords in some way, it’s always been a bit of a problem, one that probably lies in the audience the marketers are trying to attract.

Any previous example (Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball perhaps excluded) falls short when compared to the following trailer for upcoming shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, however. Warning: this is probably not safe for work.


For those who can’t/don’t want to watch the trailer themselves, allow me to provide a description. The trailer is titled ‘Team Ghost Member #3: Coco’, which already has alarm bells ringing, and features rather prominently a real life ridiculously proportioned blonde woman or, more accurately, it features her naughty bits.

When the camera isn’t panning from arse to chest it’s focused on her whilst she shoots various real life automatic weapons, sacrificing the top of her head in favour of keeping all the parts that might jiggle in the frame.

There’s more side boob on display here than there is game play footage and when it moves onto watching her playing the game using Kinect there really isn’t any pretense of even trying to cover up her arse. She’s wearing a bathing suit that leaves more of her uncovered than there is covered.

It practically beggars belief. The ‘Coco’ in question is Coco Austin, American glamour model and actress who is most likely to be recognised for her part in her marriage to Ice T.

Needless to say, the previous two videos in the ‘Team Ghost Member’ series (both of which feature men) are not in any way sexualised, though they do both feature repeated gameplay clips between them and American professional sports personalities: basketballer Kevin Love and American footballer Justin Blackmon, which is a whole other world of shallow advertising.

‘It’s cool to play this game, these athletes play it, look! And these boobs play it, too!’

The whole video comes off as sleazy and offensive, it’s not even subtle – in fact, this trailer would quite possibly destroy any subtlety in its vicinity like some kind of subtlety black hole. If Ubisoft are trying to successfully market this game rather than completely sink it into an abyss of possibly deserved revulsion they are definitely going about it the wrong way.

This isn’t just bad advertising, it’s offensive to the people to which they are trying to market the game. That makes it bad business, too, and quite possibly evil. And sexist.



  1. Wow, calm down. Sex sells, and you keep saying it’s offensive but fail to say why! Sure it’s kind of sexist in a tenuous way, but put in context it’s really nothing new. Games films and music and loads of other products are sexualised (inoffensively) so where is the problem?

    • Just because “it’s nothing new” doesn’t mean it’s not offensive.

      It’s a sleazy marketing video and my estimation of that game has gone down in the process. It doesn’t sexualise anything in a tasteful way. They’ve put a woman in skimpy clothing and got in every gratuitous tits and ass shot they could. Also, just listen to what she’s saying. It’s unintelligent drivel.

    • It implies that they think we, their audience, are so brain dead that we will go out and buy anything they show alongside jiggling boobs. It insults our intelligence.

      • Since when did TSA writers become whiney bitches. Grow up and get a life, i know its a slow news day but moaning about this is stupid. You dont have to watch this. Its just promo material so i think Gamoc should get off his high horse and stop telling pr companies how to market. If you think you can do better go ahead.

  2. I’ve never been offended by scantily clad women or violent games, and I don’t plan to start now.

    The woman makes a living by getting naked or near naked for money. It’s her choice, she’s not being exploited. Is it necessary for the game? Not in the slightest. Is it offensive? Hardly.

    • Bang on.

      Or should that be…

      • TSA seem to be doing a Daily Mail here and overreacting massively to nothing, probably because they have nothing else to write about. Theyre the first to lambast the Mail for saying videogames are sexual and violent but seem to be doing the exact same here. Gamoc is a whiney bitch.

      • And you’re being a moaning bitch, dude.
        See, it’s not nice to be called that, is it? By all means, express your opinion, but don’t be offensive.

      • Trailers like this are the reason newspapers and their readers think gaming is only sex and violence.

      • @Jaffa Insulting other members in the comments section (whether they be staff or members) is out of order. Feel free to share your opinion, but please don’t lower yourself and the comments section with such pettiness.

  3. No matter how hard they try and sell this with sex appeal, I wouldn’t even pay £1 for it after trying the beta.

    • I wouldn’t buy this for the multi-player anyway. I will be buying it for the single-player, though. They’re usually great fun.

      • You may have a point there but the beta left a bad taste in my mouth so I think I’m definitely out.

    • Fair enough if you don’t have any interest in it but beta’s are not for the player. They’re for the developer. The beta for Battlefied 3 was horrible but that’s because the game wasn’t finished. If I’d have judged it on that I’d have never bought the final game and missed out on what turned out (for me) to be an awesome game. I think the beta for Furure Soldier was horrible too so rather that complain about how broken it is I spend my energy reporting the bugs and problems so that maybe the final game will be another awesome game.

      • it depends whether its truly a beta or just a multiplayer demo though. and besides, I’ve seen plenty of awesome multiplayer betas get fucked up when the full game is released.

      • Well at least Battlefield 3 beta was fun even with all it’s problems but this one wasn’t that much fun i might get it for the single player at some point

    • Beta was horrible! I HATE signing up and making accounts to play online.

  4. She pretty much convinced me she was a real gamer so i can see room for the glamour model demographic in their marketing… and it’s great eye candy :)
    I’m still not interested in the game btw.

    • I was going to watch the trailer to see what the fuzz is about but then read that the actress in the trailer is actually Coco Austin. Eye candy is probably the complete opposite of what I would use to describe her…

  5. Is it just me or does she have quite a ‘manly’ face? :S

  6. … And that’s just the way we like it ;)

  7. Wow, look at those boobs. I’m so going to buy this game now.


  8. I dont remember any ghost recon games trying to go down this marketing route before. Odd that they would suddenly just come out with a trailler that blows other traillers that are going for the sex appeal route out of the water.

  9. This is an awful video, I agree with the poster. This is terribly shot and over the top.

    This has put off buying the game which I was wanting to get.

    And I don’t even think she’s good looking any way, all those shots while she was planning Kinect was vulgar.

  10. It’s awful, but in no way offensive.

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