PS3’s BBC Sports App Details Announced

At the weekend, we reported that the PS3 was set to get a new sports application from the BBC. Well, now it’s been officially announced via the glorious medium of interpretive dance. Only joking, they sent a press release.

The application will hit later model Bravia TVs from 2011 and 2012, as well as touting an arrival on other devices soon after launch (that’s iOS and Android, we assume) but who gives a monkey’s about those, we’re here for the PlayStation news, right?


It’s going to arrive in time for Wimbledon coverage at the end of June – on PS3 and those Smart TVs. It’ll feature live sports footage from big BBC-covered events like Formula 1 and that little gathering they’re having in London at the end of the summer.

Actually, let’s not be flippant about the Olympics. That event, being so large in scale, offers some great insight into what this new BBC Sports app is capable of. During the Olympics there will be 24 live streams, all viewable via this application. That’s 24, all live. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Some dudes from Sony are quoted in the press release as saying how pleased they are that the app will penetrate so many homes because of the PlayStation 3 and how it’ll be a showcase for this kind of connected TV coverage. To be honest, I got stuck on twenty four live streams and have been a bit too gobsmacked to read the rest of the marketing blurb.

They say it’ll be familiar to users of the BBC Sport website so expect plenty of garish yellow to dazzle you when it loads. They also say it’ll be easily controllable with a PS3 controller and a media remote. Are you listening, 4OD, you uncontrollable bundle of junk?

Source: Press release



  1. Remember kids. You need a TV license or you’ll get fined £1000 for owning a PS3.

  2. Good to hear but I do hope the layout isn’t all yellow!
    And I have to agree with you on 4OD, that really needs a dedicated app like the iplayer.

  3. Think I’ll just watch it on the TV the PS3 is connected to & use the red button to catch events that may not be big enough to be on the main channel… & if they’re not on there then they’re possibly not worth watching.

    Great for people who like the really, really, really niche nonsense that detract from the track & field events though. ;)

    • Synchronised swimming is a sport, damn you! :-P

      • I don’t know if it ever made it past demonstration status but synchronised aerobics or step aerobics or whatever was in there one year. Bizarre.

    • Badminton FTW

    • See, I have zero interest in most of the popular stuff. The 100m, for example, seems like the most pointless event imaginable. The longer distance running is boring as hell but middle distance stuff can be entertaining, I guess. I like some of the jumpy things and the pole vault and the throwy events are usually a bit more interesting too.

      The best thing they do on the track is that obstacle course one with the water traps and big fences. It’s like they all forgot to bring their horses but the P.E. teacher is making them run the race anyway.

      • Taekwondo is the worst for me, I’ve a lot of respect for it as a martial art, but not in the form it takes in the Olympics. Olympic Kendo and MMA please :D

        I heard someone describe the Olympics as “A state funded advertising platform for some of the worlds worst companies” the other day, made me chuckle.

  4. MMMMmm Beach Volleyball

    • that’s what i was thinking. ^_^

      but then, being in london the competitors might need artic survival gear.

  5. Brilliant, I’ll be glued to the Olympics, let’s hope support continues after the summer! I wonder if we’ll get multi camera angle type stuff for the tennis and football.

  6. I’m really not that big into sports, but this will be useful in the Olympics as Tivo/virgin media currently don’t support the Red Button service ( – pressing the red button on a BBC channel currently just launches the Tivo iPlayer).

  7. I’m all over this like a cheap Burton suit. Fantastic stuff from the BBC.

  8. This is excellent news =] looking forward to being glued to the tele for 2 weeks =]

    i know its not even here yet but surely the next step is steaming this stuff in 3D?…

  9. I don’t think they’ll be winning back many of the viewers who switched to Sky for F1. Especially with that idiot Humphrey still presenting.

    • but they have the awesomeness of Eddie Jordan to more than cancel him out. ^_^

  10. I’ll probably use it to watch some of the events, not all of it though. As for 4oD it’s clearly not uncontrollable, it works just fine for me.

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