BBC Sports PS3 App Going HD

I’m already sick of hearing about the Olympics. I’m bored with the horror stories about useless security companies, mad rules about crisps, dedicated traffic lanes and orwellian brand protection. I’m tired of seeing politicians try to get mileage out of fervently backing “Team GB”.

I even hate that term – “Team GB”. It’s like an attempt at branding sporting achievement that was dreamt up in the ’90s by coke addled try-hards with £100 haircuts and empty souls. I imagine it’s unbearable for anyone who lives in London.


But the sport is already underway and, following the inevitable embarrassment of whatever quasi-hallucinogenic spectacle of mediocrity they’ve constructed for an opening ceremony, it’s bound to get really good, right?

Well, the BBC App on PlayStation 3 is entering a new beta stage and with this next step in its development comes HD streams. The MLB application, available on the US PSN Store, has the best picture quality of any HD stream I’ve seen on any device so let’s all cross our fingers and hope Auntie Beeb can match that. I can’t wait for the Beach Volleyball.

Source: EU PS Blog, thanks E8_BALL_



  1. The title of this article gives pretty much all the story away, but it’s worth coming here for that first paragraph, haha.


    (Until we fuck something up)

    • I was watching the footy in HD on the app last night, looked fine.

    • We’ve already fallen at the first hurdle (excuse the pun) Did you not hear about us displaying the South Korean flag for the North Korean womens football team? The board have already had to eat humble pie. Wonder how long it takes before they get sick of the taste?

      • Yeah, i heard about that – Pretty disgraceful really. A few other countries possibly could have laughed it off, but North & South Korea??


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