PS3 “BBC Sports App” Enters Beta Stage, Available Now

[drop2]Quick heads up – Sony have just let us know that the BBC Sports App is now available from the PSN. It’s in beta stage, but apparently working nicely – it’s free too.

It’s clearly aimed at the Olympics, but it’ll be in full swing before Wimbledon serves up its annual slice of tennis, and it’ll drive content from Formula One too.


I don’t really do sport, but if you do, let us know what it’s like.



  1. Hoping it works through remote-play

    • iPlayer doesn’t, so I wouldn’t expect this to. Although, heres to hoping

    • Just tried it(selectable through my channels on xmb,) there’s no sound coming through atm.
      When you click on sport selection, you get a blank page, so you can only view homepage segments(euro12 as of now.) They are advertising Englands next match in full, i’ll have a peak see how that runs.

      I tried viewing a few E12 highlights & picture quality not as good, as when i view SD576i programmes on my hdtv, although interview segments were of a higher quality than SD.

      Early days, BBCiplayer was awful when first released, but came up trumps.

  2. Will be testing it this weekend with F1.

    • The same app works well for F1 on Tivo (Virgin Media).

    • If it’s still got Humphreys on I wont be using it for F1.

  3. Vita version? Lol

  4. I love sport so will likely be using this a lot.

  5. UK only?

  6. Do you need a TV license for stuff like this as its not live?

    • Shouldn’t need it for anything not live at the moment (though I believe there are plans to change that).

      I thought some of the olympics would be live through the App so you would need one to watch it.

    • Yes you need a TV licence to even view BBC home page even through your Mobile phone browser.

      • No you don’t, I’m Irish and regularly use the BBC website- their live tracker is the best for football matches.

        You would probably need a TV license, or be in the UK at least to use this app though. I can’t use the BBC iPlayer app that’s on the my phone (can’t delete it either- it’s a default app from Nokia) as I’m Irish, and in Ireland most of the time.

      • @colmshan1990 sorry you’re right but I was implying in the UK you need a TV licence or you could face a fine. Out of UK who can fine you as Irish laws are different.

      • No you don’t, that’s complete nonsense.

        You need a TV licence to watch tv as it is broadcast. Nothing else.

    • It is going to be live though, that’s the point – the BBC has not got enough channels to show every Olympic event live which is why this exists..

  7. I guess it’s UK only?. I’m not too pushed about watching mainstream sports but would possibly be interested in some events.

  8. Hmm, Euro 2012 final on my ps3 sounds tempting.

    • Save your PS3s’ components & watch it on TV. ???

  9. Hmm well its definitely beta, only a handful of the clips would load for me and the app doesn’t recognise my TV remote through bravia sync like iPlayer. Still, it looks extremely promising!

  10. This is from the TV License Website

    With today’s technology, you can watch TV on more devices than ever, whenever it suits you best. This means a TV Licence doesn’t just cover you to watch TV at home on a TV set. You can also watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV, through all of these devices:

    Computers, including laptops and tablets
    Mobile phones
    Games consoles
    Digital boxes, e.g. Freeview, Sky, Virgin, BT Vision
    DVD/VHS/Blu-ray recorders.
    As long as the address where you live is licensed, you’re also covered to watch TV outside your home using any device powered solely by its own internal batteries. This includes your mobile phone, laptop and tablet.

    If you only watch catch-up services online, then you don’t need a licence. For example, you don’t need one to use BBC iPlayer, or ITV player, to catch up on programmes after they have been shown on TV.

    • There’s also a loop hole you can use. If the device runs off it’s own power (e.g a laptop running off it’s battery) you don’t have to pay the licence fee. However, as the PS3 gets its power from the mains, it isn’t applicable, but it’s still handy info to know.

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