Latest Street Fighter x Tekken Patch Introduces Game Breaking Bug

Street Fighter x Tekken is a mess. The core mechanics are solid but there are numerous issues preventing it from being as great as Super Street Fighter IV. Although Capcom removed the dreaded infinite combos and rebalanced a few characters, the latest patch introduces a far more serious bug.

As you’ll see in the video below, the game will freeze whenever Rolento’s knife comes into contact with a projectile. I tested this out myself and I can confirm that it happens on both consoles after updating to version 1.04.


As you can imagine, this is a pretty serious issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Until then, I recommend that you avoid Rolento at all costs.

Source: Shoryuken



  1. What was this patch introduced to fix?!

    • The second video I linked to goes in-depth on what the patch fixed. It was mostly infinites and other weird issues. It also tweaked a few characters.

      • Hey Delriach, I can’t figure out how to PM you!
        I just wanted to say if you ever wanted to enter some friendly tournaments, this community my friends have set up is pretty good – There’s a pub in Surrey Quays they play at, but obviously they play on XBox every night. Just thought I’d let you know as I never see a lot of TSA opinion after fighting game posts!

  2. I would love being a patch tester. Clearly there is no work involved ;)

    • Yeah, i have to admit that i have no idea how this never cropped up in testing – Surely at some point the knife & another projectile must have come into contact??

      • Meh its Capcom. They’re probably too busy working on SFxT Ultimate you-shoulda-bought-this Edition, all the while chopping out content and making it into expensive day-one DLC ;)

  3. Did Capcom outsource the patch to Bethesda? As it seems like one of their patches. ;)

    Suspect that sales will go down because of this.

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