75% Discount On Previous Ghost Recons On Steam

Ubisoft is offering a 75% discount via Steam on all of the Ghost Recon franchise excluding the latest game, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Other deals for Ubisoft games will be available during this weekend and the entire Ubisoft Steam catalogue has a 33% discount.

I have now typed and read ‘Steam’ so many times this is the only thing I can think of.


Source: Steam



  1. I really hope that next gen Sony can do some kind of a deal by having Steam on their next console. It would be a killer app to have Valve’s store on it. But alas I know its not going to happen :(

    • PS4 as the Steambox?
      Probably not likely.
      I’d like to see increased Portal 2 esque cross compatibility though.

    • That would be amazing, it’s not impossible but it is very unlikely.

    • perhaps if we keep talking about it it would get some serious consideration at Sony/Valve?!

  2. I’ve been wanting to play the original for ages. Bargain!

  3. The deal changes at 6pm everyday so its most likely the Splinter Cell franchise, Assassins franchise will also take a turn to be 50%-75% so hold off any Ubisoft games until the last day of the sale. I bought Assassins 2 in a similar weekend deal and it was discounted further 2 days later.

    • This is incredibly sound advice, and should be applied to ALL sales on Steam, where they have daily special offers.

      Check in each day, and then buy the remaining, un-super-special-ed games on the final day of the sale.

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