Far Cry 3 To Get Multiplayer Beta

Ubisoft has announced a beta for Far Cry 3 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The test will take place this summer and will feature 16-player matches over multiple maps and game modes.


You can register for the beta via the Far Cry 3 Facebook page and U.S. gamers can get access by purchasing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from Gamestop.

Further methods of gaining access to the beta will be announced shortly but there does not appear to be a beta for the PC version of the game.

Source: Facebook



  1. “Further methods.” Glad about that, fbook not my thing (no account.)
    Intrigued by its mp component, as in will it be half decent. Obviously we will be buying it with sp in mind, but a decent mp would be most welcome. More often than not, we get a great sp & a mediocre mp, or vice versa. It would be refreshing to have both shine. The last game that springs to mind which offered both was rdr & before that gtaIV. (hmm, a pattern emerges:)

  2. Glad there will be other methods. Recently deleted my FB account and don’t really feel like creating a dummy one to get access to this beta.

  3. Signed up via the facebook page, although I’ve got a feeling it will be like the Ghost Recon beta where PS+ gets into the beta as does being a uPlay member.

  4. Signed up via Facebook. Can’t wait for this, it looks brilliant.

  5. Signed up through FB. Hope I can give it a go. Looks great fun.

  6. The link through fb does not work:( Can someone tell me the address?

    • It does work. You just have to sign in.

      • Doesn’t for me :( Might it be because I’m signed into FB? :)

    • It might be either:-

      A) your FB account is under the age of 18.
      B) They may still be having problems with it.

      • Thanks! Used my Brothers account instead.

  7. That link is not working :/

    • It might be like mine due to age, worked fine on an older age account

  8. The link worked for me, signed up and everything. Can’t wait for this, hopefully they have learned from the horrible enemy respawns in FarCry 2.

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