Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Announced

During their Pre E3 conference Konami announced the sequel for Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, with a trailer.


Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 is being developed by Mercury Steam. the same developer behind the first game, which was well received when it was released. The sequel has been confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360, though no release date has yet been announced.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Im still only half way through the first game. It’s quite enjoyable to play but very challenging.

    • same here mate,its sooooooooo long as well.great game though. I need to go back to it at some point!

      • Yes. It’s a great game but a little long. Funny that as not often in this day and age you hear people complaining about an action adventure game being too long. Usually it’s. ‘rip off’ if it’s only 12 hours for the campaign!

      • Lol agreed, its not often one moans a game is too long :)

  2. The first one looked interesting, but I never got around to playing it.
    Similar to Assassin’s Creed, the only thing which would catch my interest would be a Vita game… :P

    • I’d say this one is better suited to a big screen. It’s got quite a LOTR feel to the epic landscapes and orchestral scores that would be diminished somewhat on the Vita.

      • Plus the camera angle is a handful and its would be better to have to have a bigger screen as Nate says

      • It looked like one of those games alright.
        It’s problem is competition.
        Hence why I’d be more likely to play on the Vita than the PS3.

    • Paul Gale leaked this game (and he was the person who leaked all stars, including the moves and stuff), and he also listed Vita and Wii U as platforms, I think at E3 Sony is going to announce a ton of cross-play titles including this.


      this might interest you.

      a Vita Assassin’s Creed game.

      • That’s where the :P in my comment came from.
        It HAS interested me.
        Enough for me to finally consider playing AC 1,2a,2b and 2c…
        The only game I’ve played in the series before was Bloodlines (didn’t finish it though) on PSP.

  3. Couldn’t get on with the first one…

    • Me neither, its one of the only games I’ve bought for the PS3 that I just couldn’t get in to for some reason

  4. Will definitely get this game. First game was good, the voice acting sometimes gave me shivers down my spine. :D

  5. First game was decent but had too many problems and was saved by a truly incredible ending. This trailer has rekindled my hope in the series. Playing the “bad guy” looks like it could be pretty dam fun.

  6. Not particularly interested in the game but woah, what a trailer!

  7. The first game looked great but i found it more frustrating than challenging. Cool trailer though.

  8. Just picked my chin up off the floor.

    This looks even better than the first one, I can’t wait. Day one purchase for me on this one.

  9. Interesting. I’ve played the demo of the first one and resembled GOW too much instead of Castlevania so didn’t really get interested in it.

    I hope they will do their best to make the gameplay stand out this time around although they do run the risk of going into DMC terrority with the demon power thing. Also this is one of the best trailers i’ve seen for a game this year.

    • Same I was put off with that, I really doubt that they’d go and branch out to well.. Soul Reaver territory or even Dark Souls. They make it like GoW because it sells.

      • Which is a shame as i believe if they were to do a hybrid of the old castlevania games and unique gameplay it would sell loads as well as statisfy fans.

    • I don’t think it was all that similiar in the end. Both hack’n’slash, but that’s where it ends in my book. CV:LoS was far more challenging, but I’ll admit it took a while to get into.

  10. Last game didn’t really excite me because of the gameplay, not really into stuff like God of War but disappointing that it went that route. Though it had a good story and well… its Castlevania, still interested in buying it but I’m really torn because of the gameplay, I just don’t want to end up never to finish the game.

    Dark Souls I consider would be a bit like the Metroidvania style of gameplay in 3D that was introduced by Symphony of the Night.

    Trailer is amazing, well made…. that figure at the end I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually Dracula before turning into a vampire or perhaps its a Belmont? Doubt its Alucard, they won’t cover that would they? hes way to cool to leave out though.

    • Well for obvious reasons it’s not Dracula.

    • Exactly but you neva know :)

    • Chap at the end was semi reflected in his own sword as he raised it. Couldn’t really see who he was but a cheeky semi reveal nonetheless?

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