PS Suite Rebranded, HTC Partnering

Sony has just announced that it’s PlayStation Suite will be rebranded. The Android-compatible environment which is also a big hope, for me at least, on Vita will now be known as PlayStation Mobile. I can’t think of a more generic, boring name for it but I guess a focus group liked it better than the previous name.

They’ve also announced that HTC will be the first third party hardware manufacturers to be in the PlayStation certified fold.


It’s long been my personal opinion that PlayStation Suite, sorry Mobile, has the potential to open up a massive new market for Vita and also make Sony’s rather good Xperia range even more appealing to mobile gamers. The partnership with HTC is promising because it gets them a foot in the door outside of their own conference rooms but it was also very exciting to hear Andrew House talk about the enthusiasm that PlayStation Mobile has seen from a range of developers.

Hopefully we will start seeing results of this soon.



  1. I was a little disappointed they didn’t give us a taster of what sort of games are on the way for PSmobile but looking forward to finding out anyway.

  2. As much as a Sony fanboy I am, iOS is just so ahead in mobile gaming, Android will never catch up. Too many phones with different GPU’s released every year making it difficult to code for and a waste of time.

    • Never is such a strong word… People thought Android would NEVER catch up to iPhone sales and look where we are now. ;)

      • You’re comparing a OS, Android to a phone, iPhone.

    • Yeah, I suppose Android would be much better if they just released a single new phone every year that barely improves on the previous one

      • Have you seen the iPhone 4S GPU? It’s still superior than most high end phones. There’s consistency, having one type of GPU makes it easier to develop graphically awesome games.

      • It’s a nifty GPU, but new iPad was rumoured to have doubled it… which shows just how fast mobile chipsets are moving the moment.

  3. Not too fuzzed about this. We’ve heared so much talk about this and they have yet to show us anything worthwhile…
    If they ever release anything through this cooperation, I’m all set with my HTC One X. :)

  4. Why can’t we play android games on the vita? It would be a deciding factor in me buying one.

    • Well, they could implement an Android emulator in theory but I don’t think the Vita has enough power for that. In that case you would have to port all games to a Vita-compatible format and that’s basically what PS Mobile is for.

    • Because of emulators I’d say.
      There’d be copyright trouble when I start playing Pokemon Silver on my Vita. :P

  5. this will hopefully spark a bit of life back into the xperia play.
    the ps pocket has all but died..most of the games on my xperia are android games..

  6. HTC One X is one of the phones I’m looking at buying at the moment.
    Going to switch to 3 Bill Pay, think I’ll hold off until iPhone 5’s reveal before deciding One X, Galaxy III, Nokia Pureview or iPhone. Or whatever amazingly powerful phone is released between now and then (please be a Windows phone, I love the UI on them).
    This announcement could help sway me to HTC.

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