Developer: “Lack Of Trophies Is Probably The Single Biggest Turn-off For Most Gamers”

Futurlab’s critically acclaimed Velocity doesn’t come with standard OS-level trophies, but studio head James Marsden wishes it did. Although the developers put their own achievements into the game, they don’t contribute towards your overall PSN trophy count.

And sadly, for some, that’s enough to put buyers off.

[drop2]”Lack of trophies in minis is probably the single biggest turn-off for most gamers,” said Marsden to TheSixthAxis today. “At least that’s the impression we get from feedback on our games.”

And it’s not the only thing missing from minis, the PSP/PS Vita/PS3 cross-platform range of smaller, cheaper but no less valid download titles that have included some of the purest gameplay experiences out there.

“The second most asked for feature of minis is high scores / networking ability,” James said.

“Also demos,” he adds. “If all three of these things were included in minis, it would make sales rocket, as there are some gems on minis, and perfect for the PlayStation Vita.”

We ask whether Futurlab have asked that Sony change their policies with regards to the somewhat crippled capabilities of the platform. “Yes,” he replies, “but account managers only have so much say on the direction of the platforms they operate on.”

Would they patch up their games to include online play and trophies if SCE changed the rules?


“In my opinion,” adds Marsden, “MotorStorm:RC is the first example of what a PS Vita game should be, as it suits a portable device and is able to use the connected features to its advantage.”

“If there were any developments made to the minis platform, it should be toward the mold of what MotorStorm:RC achieved.”

Update: our full interview is now live.


  1. I’m not fussed whether a game has trophies, leaderboards or online features at all. I just don’t buy minis because, like the phone games they’re designed to ape, they’re mostly crap.

  2. All games should have Trophy support regardless of being full games or minis. I’d go so far as to say demo’s should also have them and that they remain locked until you purchase the full game.

  3. I couldn’t give a flying fudge about trophies, it’s all about the playability of the game. Does that mean I’m 40? ;-)

    • I’m 40 and I love getting trophies! Saying that, I wouldn’t not play a game just because it didn’t have them.

  4. Well I’ve downloaded Velocity as part of plus, but the other minis I tend not to bother with. I do enjoy earning trophies and would help the sales of minis I think, as they don’t feel like a proper game. Motto reform rc felt like a proper vita game, but it was more expensive than the average mini.//

  5. I agree, minis are useless.

  6. I don’t really care about Trophies, in fact it annoys me to see them not at 100%, but I’m often too lazy to complete them and go for the Plat, the games I do have Plats for are the ones I’ve enjoyed enough to spend the time on them.
    For me, the biggest buy/no buy has to be if there’s a demo for the game. I can watch gameplay videos all I want, but if I can’t get my hands on the game I’m always apprehensive to buy, that saying, Velocity is an awesomely addictive game

  7. Thats why I hope PSSuite will allow trophies, but sadly I doubt that will happen.

  8. I didn’t even bother downloading Velocity when it was free on Plus because I hadn’t heard anything about it and my perception of minis is that they are simple non HD non Trophy non online games.
    So unless its a blast from the past I don’t even bother with the free ones.

    Ironically I saw an advert online for Velocity this month and then checked it out and was disappointed to find out that it was a mini….
    Then at £3.99 I decided not to bother as although I want this sort of game for my Vita…. I want it to be HD with Trophies.
    I would even pay a few quid more as there are plenty of decent games around that price (SSDHD, MS.RC, Mutant Blob etc) that all show off the Vita.

    So I hope the developer of Velocity is able to produce a HD / Trophy version for the Vita as I would be snapping it up without doubt.
    Maybe thats fickle but now a days those are two features that are vital.

    I can’t see minis getting those features as Sony seems to want minis to be simple app like games. But if you are looking at charging £3.99 for a game, now that the Vita is around, the bar has been raised if you want your game to sell.

  9. I couldn’t care less about trophies as i play games for fun and to enjoy an excellent story. Seriously, if you are still refusing to get MGS4 due to lack of trophies and are a MGS fan, then shame on you. SHAME!

    It annoys me a little bit whenever i hear someone say that they refuse to get x game only because it’s got no trophies. It’s still playable isn’t it. Going to stop my rant here.

    Now the biggest turnoff for me is the lack of demos for games that get released on the PS3 as i have to take a leap of faith with a game and most of the time, it actually don’t backfire on me. :O I believe every major release should get a demo if the studio has time to code one. :)

    • I’m not refusing to get it, but i’m refusing to play it. Only time i played it was at the ApocalyPS3 when the trophy-enabled games don’t work

      • Which is a bit of a silly reason not to play it. ;) I think Kojima has said that he doesn’t plan to implent trophies in MGS4.

    • think everyone has played it people would love the patch for a great game.
      the people who do care there in the games are no less gamers then the next man.

  10. I have played MGS4 and am a MGS fan….. I would defo love the excuse of a trophy patch to make me dig it out and replay it. Otherwise I have too many other new games to attract my attention.
    Not a trophy freak but do admit to enjoying hearing the Ting and like seeing them stack up… not that I would waste much time trying to gather them as I rarely play a game again after the first play through as there are just too many games out there.

    I am now considering buying Velocity, annoyingly I’ve missed my free Plus download but it seems to have bagged some great reviews and reckon the developers deserve support.

    Wonder what the benefits to it being free to Plus users are to the developer?
    Increased awareness? A payment off Sony ??

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