Darksiders II Live Action Trailer

THQ has released a new trailer for Darksiders II, in which a holy man preaches about the coming of Death and – rather conveniently – that’s exactly what happens.

The TSA community recently praised the original Darksiders which is now available for free as part of PlayStation Plus.


Darksiders II: Death Lives launches on consoles and PC this August.


Source: YouTube



  1. It does look good, interesting that Darksiders was given away free as part of the new ps + deal. Having the first game on Playstation may well boost sales of DII on playstation.
    Could just be a coincidece but I doubt it. The new protagonist looks pretty interestng, i’m excited by this new game.

  2. I didn’t warm to the original but i’m still interested to see if there are any changes that would make the sequel more appealing to me. This live-action trailer doesn’t do it for me though, has the air of low budget horror.

    • Yes I agree, I believe it came out a similar time to Bayonetta and I bought them both and was dissapointingly underwhelmed by the two of them.

  3. Really looking forward to this :)
    Loved the first and want to see how the story pans out!

  4. Preordered the edition that comes with DLC yesterday. Want the one with the mask and artbook, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to spend the extra money on it.

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