Dark Cloud And Dragon Force Lead PS2 “Game Archives” On PS3

The PlayStation 3, at least in Japan, will see PS2 games coming in a regular fashion as downloadable titles via Sony’s “Game Archives” service.

Five games will be available at first, on the 25th of this month:

  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Capcom): ¥1,200
  • Kessen (Tecmo Koei): ¥1,500
  • Shin Contra (Konami): ¥1,200
  • Dragon Force (Sega): ¥800
  • Siren (Sony): ¥1,200

They’ll be followed by a fairly constant flow of new titles, with the next batch already announced to include the following:

  • Dead or Alive 2 Hard Core (Tecmo Koei): ¥1,500
  • Castlevania (Konami): ¥1,200
  • Dynamite Dekka (aka Die-Hard Arcade, Sega): ¥800
  • Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box (Sega): ¥800
  • Dark Cloud (Sony): ¥1,200

Japan already has over 700 titles in the Archive, although they’re mostly PS1 and PC Engine titles.

Source: press release, via AndriaSang.



  1. So…PS2 classics then?

  2. Oh my days dark cloud best ps2 game I played

  3. Dark cloud? im pretty sure that game is really rare in disk version, its also really really good

    • I still have my disk, one of a select few games I will never get rid of. Instant purchase if they eventually get around to releasing a digital version, although I’d rather a Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle and Rogue Galaxy HD collection.

  4. Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Now that is strange, they just released a HD version. Who’d want this nonHD, trophyless version?

  5. i’ve got the sequel, Dark Chronicle, but not the original sadly.

    i’m not holding my breath waiting for an eu release though.

    because, well, blue isn’t a good colour on me. ^_^

  6. Dark Cloud was amazing, have the sequel as well and Rogue Galaxy (another fine game by Level 5)

    I really wish EU psn would actually release some true PS2 classics in particular rpgs as there were loads of the PS2

  7. i was thinking that dragon force was one of those bullet hell shooters, then i realised i was thinking of Thunder Force. ^_^

  8. The whole PS2 classics thing is a bit late for me, possibly because i bought a 60gb PS3 and never really left ps2 games behind, keeping a selection of my favourites and rounding up a few more of the classics in thrift stores over time. Now it’s mostly the HD remakes i’m interested in but it’s nice to see some of the classics appearing on the store, especially games that are dfficult to source now.

  9. I’ve still got all my ps2/ps1 stuff so I wont be getting them but I do get jpn psn cards so I can buy all the random ps1 stuff they have. We’ve missed out on some real gems :(

  10. I would buy every piece of Sony hardware from now to the end of time for a localised release of Dragon Force.

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